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<ul><li> 1. Apresentaes AMD<br />19 de janeiro10:00 12:00 O Futuro das GPUs<br />20 de janeiro10:00 12:00 Computaoacelerada<br />Roberto Brando<br />AMD Latin America<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. The Future of GPU<br />Roberto Brando<br />AMD Latin America<br /> 3. Todays GPUs focused on<br />GAMING<br />ENTERTAINMENT<br />PRODUCTIVITY<br /> 4. Todays GPUs focused on<br />GAMING<br />ENTERTAINMENT<br />PRODUCTIVITY<br /> 5. DirectX 11 Tessellation<br />DirectX 10<br />DirectX 11<br />No Tessellation<br />Tessellation<br />Images courtesy of Unigine Corp.<br />5<br /> 6. DirectX 11 Multi-Threading<br /></p> <ul><li>Application, DirectX runtime, and DirectX driver can each run in separate threads </li></ul> <p> 7. Tasks like loading a texture or compiling a shader can execute in parallel with main rendering threadDirectX 10<br />DirectX 11<br />6<br /> 8. DirectX 11 Tessellation<br />DirectX 10<br />DirectX 11<br />No Tessellation<br />Tessellation<br />Images courtesy of Unigine Corp.<br />7<br /> 9. DirectX 11 Tessellation<br />DirectX 10<br />DirectX 11<br />No Tessellation<br />Tessellation<br />Images courtesy of Unigine Corp.<br />8<br /> 10. Order Independent Transparency (OIT)<br /></p> <ul><li>Efficient rendering of many overlapping transparent objects </li></ul> <p> 11. Smoke, fire, hair, foliage, fences, water, glass 12. Rendering transparent objects correctly requires sorting 13. Blending is an order dependent operation 14. DirectCompute 11 simplifies OIT by sorting transparent pixels in one shader pass 15. Uses atomic operations and append buffers9<br /> 16. DirectX 11 OIT in Action<br />Skeletonexposed<br />Arm bleedsthrough body<br />Order-Independent <br />Transparency<br />Simple Alpha Blending<br />10<br /> 17. Render Post-Processing<br />Apply filter kernel to every pixel in rendered image<br />Depth of field, motion blur, tone mapping, edge detection, smoothing, sharpening<br />Requires data from neighbouring pixels<br />Example: constant time filter spreading<br />Accurately simulates certain lenseffects such as depth of field<br />Novel processing techniquedeveloped at AMD in conjunctionwith UC Berkeley <br />DirectCompute greatly simplifiesimplementation while increasingperformance and visual fidelity<br />Alpha buffer tricks no longer needed fewer artifacts<br />Shared memory optimizations better performance<br />11<br /> 18. DirectX 11 Depth of Field in Action<br />Noticeable halos<br />Hard silhouette<br />Filter Spreading<br />Legacy Method<br />12<br /> 19. Shadow Rendering<br />HDAO (High Definition Ambient Occlusion)<br />Detects valleys in scene geometry and darkens them according to depth<br />Contact hardened shadows<br />Sharpens shadow edges where they contact casting object, make edges increasingly blurry as they get farther away<br />13<br /> 20. DirectX 11 Shadows in Action<br />DirectX 10.1 Shadows<br />DirectX 11<br />Contact Hardened Shadows<br />Images from S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Prypiat (GSC Gameworld)<br />14<br /> 21. Lighting Post Effects<br />Realistic Nighttime lighting<br />HDR bloom<br />Lens flare<br />Atmospheric scattering<br />Light trails<br />3D color grading<br />Motion blur<br /> 22. Anti-Aliasing<br />No AA<br />Smoothes jagged edges around objects<br />More obvious in moving images and at lower resolutions<br />Takes multiple samples of image<br />More samples = higher quality, but also much more work<br />Radeon products support 2x, 4x, and 6x sample modes<br />2x AA<br />4x AA<br />6x AA<br /> 23. EQAA Modes<br />=Color SampleLocation<br />=Coverage Sample Location<br />2x MSAA<br />4x MSAA<br />8x MSAA<br />=Pixel Boundary<br />No AA<br />2x EQAA<br />4 coverage samples<br />4x EQAA<br />8 coverage samples<br />8x EQAA<br />16 coverage samples<br /> 24. Tessellating the Right Way<br />Can add significant detail to a scene while effectively compressing geometry<br />But excessive use of tessellation can be inefficient for todays GPUs<br />Poor utilization of rasterizers<br />Overshading<br />Too many polygon edges for MSAA<br />Brute force approach is wasteful<br />Overshade per pixel<br />8<br />7<br />6<br />5<br />4<br />3<br />21<br />25 pixel triangles<br />5 pixel triangles<br />1 pixel triangles<br />15 pixel triangles<br />16 pixel triangle<br />100% rasterizer utilization<br />1 pixel triangle<br />6.25% rasterizer utilization<br /> 25. Morphological Anti-Aliasing<br />No AA<br />Morphological AA<br />Post-process filtering technique accelerated with DirectCompute<br />Delivers full-scene anti-aliasing<br />Not limited to polygon edges, alpha-tested surfaces, etc.<br />Faster than super-sampling<br />Performance similar to edge-detect CFAA, but applies to all edges<br />Compatible with any DirectX 9/10/11 application<br />Including games with no AA support<br />Enabled via AMD Catalyst Control Center<br />Images capturedfrom Aliens vs. Predator by Rebellion<br /> 26. Morphological Anti-Aliasing<br />MLAA<br />No AA<br />4xMSAA<br />MSAA + MLAA<br /> 27. Todays GPUs focused on<br />GAMING<br />ENTERTAINMENT<br />PRODUCTIVITY<br /> 28. Power savings improvment<br /> 29. We are visual beings<br />Visual perception<br />Verbal perception<br />Words are processedat only 150 wordsper minute<br />Pictures and video <br />are processed 400 to 2000 times faster<br /></p> <ul><li>Consumers are looking for better visual experience in an evironment with variable content </li></ul> <p> 30. Content formats and sources have more diversity than ever 31. New applications will demand for computing power that is impossible on todays hardware23<br /> 32. Enhanced Multimedia Capabilities<br />Enhanced UVD2Hardware acceleration decodeof dual 1080p HD video streams9<br />Windows Aero Mode<br />Playback of HD videos in high qualitywith Windows Aero mode enabled10<br />Video Gamma<br />Independent from Windows desktopfor a superior user experience<br />Brighter Whites<br />Blue Stretch processing increases theblue value of white colors for brighter videos<br />Dynamic Video Range<br />Control of levels of black and white during playback<br />Power Management<br />Enables new customers for all levels of graphics<br />24<br /> 33. Superior HDMI Audio and Video Features<br />Enhanced Home Theatre Audio Experience<br /></p> <ul><li>HDMI 1.3a Dolby TrueHD &amp; DTS-HD Master Audio </li></ul> <p> 34. Full support for premium Blu-ray audio formats Dolby TrueHD , DTS-HD Master Audio, AC-3 and DTS 35. High quality surround soundUp to 8 channels of 192kHz / 24-bit audioAdvanced Display Quality<br /></p> <ul><li>HDMI 1.3a Deep Color &amp; x.v.Color </li></ul> <p> 36. Over 1 billion colors output through HDMI12-bpc output, 10-bpc (4:4:4) meaningfully derived11 37. Wide range of colorsFull support for wide-gamut x.v. color video signals25<br /> 38. Improvements already reached consumers<br />ATI <br />Stream<br />Processor utilization<br />Adobe Flash plugin used by<br /></p> <ul><li> Better image quality and video smoothness </li></ul> <p> 39. Lower processor usage</p>