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    2015 – 11 artigos

    Zirakbash, A., et al. (2015). "One of early maladaptive shemas! asal relationship thro#h metao#nitive beliefs $ith borderline and antisoial personality patterns." % &d 'ealth romot * +2. INTRODUCTION: This study aimed at determining the causal relationshi o! metacogniti"e #elie!s as a

    mediator #et$een one o! early maladati"e schemas including %emotional deri"ation& a#andonment&

    mistrust'a#use& social isolation'alienation and de!ecti"eness'shame( and #orderline and antisocial

    ersonality atterns) *+T,RI+-. +ND *,T/OD.: The study tye has #een relational and seeing causal

    modeling o! ath analysis has #een used) The oulation used in this study included outatients in counseling& sychological and sychiatric centers in 2012201) 3e randomly distri#uted 50

    4uestionnaires in "e centers out o! three arts in Is!ahan& and nally 20 "alid 4uestionnaires $ere

    e"aluated and analy6ed) Data collection tool has #een *illon Clinical *ultia7ial In"entoryIII8s %*C*I

    III8s( ersonality 4uestionnaire& 9ang8s schema 4uestionnaire %5 items(& *etacognition ;uestionnaire

    0 %0 items() Relia#ility o! the 9ang8s .chema ;uestionnaire in this study $as calculated #y Cron#ach8s

    alha %alha ?(& and that o! metacognition $as calculated the same $ay %alha

    and +*O.[email protected] so!t$are) 3e used ath analysis method !or testing each model in statistical data

    analysis) R,.U-T: The results o! this study suggest a ossi#le causal relationshi #et$een the num#er

    o! one o! the early maladati"e schemas and the atterns o! antisocial and #orderline ersonalities

    through some metacogniti"e #elie!s) CONC-U.ION: This study sho$ed that cogniti"e #elie!s can #e

    acti"ators o! the early schema and continuation8s coing #eha"iors in ersonality atterns)

    ossi, -. and %. erksen (2015). "/nternational Adaptations of the illon linial ltiaial /nventory* onstrt 3alidity and linial Appliations." % ers Assess 4(+)* 526540.  This article e7amines the inBuence o! the *illon Clinical *ultia7ial In"entory %*C*I( as a clinical and research instrument #eyond the #orders o! the United .tates) The *C*I8s theoretical and emirical grounding& its alignment $ith the Diagnostic and .tatistical *anual o! *ental Disorders %D.*(& and scales that can #e interreted #oth categorically and dimensionally& are the rimary !eatures that mae the test attracti"e) 3e #egin $ith studies that e"aluated the construct e4ui"alence o! the dierent language adatations) Data !rom the most $idely researched non ,nglishlanguage !orms %Danish& Dutch& and .anish( sho$ e7cellent comara#ility $ith *illon8s original) Ne"ertheless& signicant

    ro#lems $ere noted in eorts to create clinical grous that $ould allo$ !or e4ui"alence o! diagnostic accuracy $hen using the cuto scores) +lthough dimensional asects o! the scale scores $ere not aected #y this& the adated measures might sho$ attenuated diagnostic accuracy comared $ith *illon8s original) Ne7t& $e resent *C*I studies conducted in clinical settings to document $here the adated tests ha"e made their greatest imact in the international literature) + $ide "ariety o! clinical alications demonstrated #road utility& and gi"en the high num#er o! issues addressed& $e thin *illon8s inBuence $ill certainly stand the test o! time in dierent domains and settings)

    rakash, O., et al. (2015). "ersonality disorder, emotional intelli#ene, and los of ontrol of patients $ith alohol dependene." /nd syhiatry % 2(1)* 06. +I*: To assess ersonality disorder %AD(& emotional intelligence %,I(& and locus o! control o! alcohol

    deendent %+D( atients and its comarison $ith normal controls) *+T,RI+-. +ND *,T/OD.: ased on

    urosi"e samling techni4ue&  +D atients $ere selected !rom the De+ddiction 3ard o! Ranchi

    Institute o! NeuroAsychiatry and +llied .ciences %RINA+.( and  matched normal su#Eects $ere

    selected !rom Ranchi and near#y laces) oth the grous $ere matched on "arious sociodemograhic

    arameters& that is& age& gender& and socioeconomic le"el) +ll articiants $ere assessed $ith *illon

    Clinical *ultia7ial In"entoryIII& *angal ,I In"entory& and -ocus o! Control scale) O#tained resonses

    $ere scored #y using standard scoring rocedures and su#se4uently statistically analy6ed #y using Chi

    s4uare test) R,.U-T.: +D atients ha"e more comor#id athological ersonality traits and disorders in

    comarison to their normal counterarts) Deressi"e& narcissistic& and aranoid ADs $ere rominent

    among +D grouF !ollo$ed #y schi6otyal& antisocial& negati"istic& deendent& schi6oid& sadistic&

    masochistic& and #orderline AD) In comarison to normal articiants& +D atients $ere signicantly

    decient in almost all the areas o! ,I and their locus o! control $as e7ternally oriented) CONC-U.ION:

    Aatients $ith +D ha"e signicantly higher ADs& lo$ ,I& and an e7ternal orientation on the locus o! control) Identication and management o! these comor#id conditions are liely to imro"e the

    management and outcome o! +D)

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    7ope86-oni, %. %., et al. (2015). "i9erenes bet$een Aloholis and oaine Addits :eekin# ;reatment." :pan % syhol 1

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    1==( $ere #oth comleted in a clinical series o! 5> adult outatients) +nalyses highlighted moderate correlations #et$een the t$o measures !or the 10 D.*5 ADs %*dn < )5() +greement $as highest !or sychological !eatures that are more easily o#ser"a#le #y the clinicians) Jurthermore& results re"ealed ro#lematic discriminant "alidity #et$een the t$o instruments)

    ernande86ontalvo, %., et al. (2015). "syholo#ial, physial, and seal abse in addited patients $ho nder#o treatment." % /nterpers 3iolene B0(

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    IAK "aria#les& sychoathological symtoms& and ersonality "aria#les $ere o#tained) The roles o! 

    atients in addiction treatment $ith and $ithout a history o! "iolence to$ards their artners $ere

    comared) R,.U-T.: The results sho$ed that )>? o! eole in treatment !or addiction had committed

    "iolence against their artners) This re"alence $as signicantly higher %chi%2( < 15)>&   )001( in

    $omen %>)?( than in men %2G)2?() In the [email protected])G? o! the cases the IAK $as #idirectional) Aatients $ith

    a history o! IAK eretration sho$ed greater se"erity in su#stance consumtion "aria#les&

    sychoathological symtoms& and ersonality traits) ender& the !amily scale on the ,uroean "ersion

    o! the +ddiction .e"erity Inde7 %,uro+.I(& and the aggressi"esadistic scale on the *illon Clinical

    *ultia7ial In"entory %*C*IIII( $ere the main "aria#les related to the resence o! IAK as aggressors)

    CONC-U.ION. +ND .CI,NTIJIC .INIJIC+NC,: There $as a dierential role in atients $ith IAK

    eretration& sho$ing more sychoathological and ersonality symtoms) *oreo"er& in this study

    #eing a $oman $as one o! the main redictors o! committing IAK) %+m M +ddict 2015F:1=()

    201G – 1G artigos

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    ZoDaDi, ., et al. (201). "ersonality harateristis of patients seekin# osmeti rhinoplasty." Aestheti last :r# B

    %20 ?( males $ere e"aluated) Deendent& histrionic& and narcissistic ersonality disorders $ere seen in

    2& & and @ atients in the case grou& resecti"ely) The num#er o! indi"iduals $ith narcissistic

    ersonality traits $as signicantly higher in the case grou than in the control grou %  0)001()

    CONC-U.ION: Narcissism is the most common sychological trait that moti"ates atients to see a

    rhinolasty) Aersonality disorders are not "ery common among indi"iduals seeing rhinolasty in Iran)

    -,K,- OJ ,KID,NC, IK: This Eournal re4uires that authors assign a le"el o! e"idence to each article) Jor

    a !ull descrition o! these ,"idenceased *edicine ratings& lease re!er to the Ta#le o! Contents or the

    online Instructions to +uthors $$$)sringer)com'002>>)

    ;rin#one, ., et al. (201). ";heodore illon (142)1? a"oiding& 12)2? deendent& 20)G? histrionic& 1>)?

    narcissistic& 2)0? o#sessi"ecomulsi"e& and a7is I D.*IK sychiatric disorders: 10)2? an7iety& 2)0?

    somato!orm disorder and #iolar disorder& 1>)? maEor deressi"e disorder) Jinally& $e !ound GG)=?

    delusional disorder and G)1? thought disorder) Rorschach test8s results sho$ 5)1? reduced coing

    a#ilities and social sills& 55)1? deression& 0)>? ercetual distortion and cogniti"e slia