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TM UX • Air insulated switchgear • Internal arc classified ... · design with minimum concerning the use of green -number of parts house gases such as SF. 6. gas W-VACi circuit

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Text of TM UX • Air insulated switchgear • Internal arc classified ... · design with minimum...

  • Power Xpe

    rt® UX

    Power XpertTM


    Power Xpert TM UX Medium Voltage switchgear

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    Safe, reliable MV switchgear

    • Air insulated switchgear • Internal arc classified • LSC2B-PM

    • Tested to GB 3906 • 12 kV up to 50 kA - 4 s

  • Automotive













    Eaton delivers the hundreds of power distribution products

    that are answering the demands of today’s fast changing world.

    We help our customers worldwide manage the power

    they need for buildings, aircraft, trucks, cars, machinery

    and entire businesses. And we do it in a way that

    consumes fewer resources.

    Next generation transportation

    Eaton is driving the development of new technologies – from hybrid drivetrains and emission control systems to advanced engine components – that reduce fuel consumption and emissions in trucks and cars.

    Higher expectations

    We continue to expand our aerospace solutions and services to meet the needs of new aviation platforms, including the high-flying light jet and very light jet markets.

    Building on our strengths

    Our hydraulics business combines localised service and support with an innovative portfolio of fluid power solutions to answer the needs of global infrastructure projects, including locks, canals and dams.

    Powering Greener Buildings and Businesses

    Eaton’s Electrical Group is a leading provider of power quality, distribution and control solutions that increase energy efficiency and improve power quality, safety and reliability. Our solutions offer a growing portfolio of “green” products and services, such as energy audits and real-time energy consumption monitoring. Eaton’s Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), variable-speed drives and lighting controls help conserve energy and increase efficiency.


  • MV switchgear technology

    is in our DNA

    Eaton’s range of SF6 free switchgear for Medium Voltage

    Eaton Corporation is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture, and sale of safe, reliable and high-performance medium voltage power distribution equipment in accordance with IEC, ANSI and GB / DL standards

    Complete Global Medium Voltage Switchgear Solutions

    Eaton, a premier leader in designing and manufacturing power distribution and protection equipment in the electrical industry, offers a comprehensive range of medium voltage (MV) solutions to meet the needs of virtually every application. From products that feature cutting-edge design that allow for easy access, maintenance and space savings, to arc-resistant products that enhance safety, Eaton’s medium voltage solutions provide a variety of products for every need. Additionally, Eaton’s global service network provides maximum customer support in all regions of the world.

    As one of the few completely vertically integrated and diversified industrial manufacturers in the world, Eaton designs not only MV assemblies, but also the key components that comprise the MV solutions – from steel housing and circuit breaker compartments to vacuum interrupters, circuit breakers, bus systems and fuses.

    Eaton’s MV heritage, strengthened by acquisitions such as Westinghouse DCBU, Cutler Hammer, MEM and Holec, has resulted in breakthrough MV technologies and numerous international patents over the years.

    Part of Eaton’s complete electrical PowerChain Solutions – which help businesses minimize risks while realizing greater reliability, cost efficiencies, capital utilization and safety – Eaton’s medium voltage equipment meets all standards and certifications such as IEC, NEMA / ANSI, GB / DL, UL, IEEE, KEMA and CSA.

    When it comes to medium voltage solutions, you can trust the one name with a long history of proven performance: Eaton.


  • Power Xpert ® UX

    Power XpertTM UX

    Power XperPower t ® UXX®

    Innovative in its design, field-proven over fourty years of

    vacuum circuit breaker production and fully third-party

    certified to GB 1984/DL402,Eaton's new Power XpertTM UX

    certified to GB 3906/DL404, range of compact air insulated

    with-drawable Medium Voltage switchgear leads the industry

    in safety, reliability, performance and sustainability.

    Safe, reliable MV switchgear with sustainability built-in

    Knowledge and understanding

    Eaton has over 80 years experience in the design, manufacture and application of Medium Voltage switchgear. Being at the forefront of technological advances, we pioneered the use of vacuum technology 80 years ago and introduced epoxy-resin insulation over 50 years ago. Eaton is still committed to developing, inno -vating and improving - as well as to reducing size and costs.

    Millions of our vacuum inter -rupters have been in operation in every type of environment in the world, catering for the widest range of applications. It is this know ledge, under -standing and experience that make Eaton the logical choice for the safe control and protec -tion of distribution systems.

    Power XpertTM UX is particularly suited to provide control and protec tion for cables, transformers, capacitors and motors used across many industries. In fact Power XpertTM UX excels anywhere that medium voltage power has to be switched, controlled and protected.

    A complete range of compact, environmentally-friendly switchgear up to 4000 A

    The system, which comprises a complete range up to 4000 A, uses only environmentally friendly technology and materials. Power XpertTM UX is based on vacuum technology and air insulation, and isthere-fore the perfect alternative to

    environmentally harmful SF6 gas insulated switchgear. It is also produced with fully recyclable materials ensuring that at the end of its life the product can be safely and efficiently recycled - providing a wholly sustainable solution

    to medium voltage switchgear applications.

    Some applications are:


    Waterand waste water treatment

    Built to the highest quality standards

    Power XpertTM UX is designed and fully third-party type-tested to the latest GB 3906/DL404 standards, with full segregation by earthed metal partitions of all the major compartments, and is equipped with Eaton's very latest range of IEC vacuum circuit breakers typeW-VACi - which are fully third-party type-tested in accordance with GB 1984/DL402.

    Using Eaton's state of the art technology and manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards, our engineers have integrated core technologies, such as circuit breaker and mechanism design, vacuum technology, solid insulation and electrical field control to build a reliable and compact system, which benefit from the best practices incorporated in our current medium voltage range.


    Commercial buildings

    Industrial facilities

    Oil and gas(on- and off-shore)


    Airports and hospitals.


  • World leading technology with safety built in Fully type-tested to latest IEC, GB/DL standards Combining advanced technology with proven engineering

    excellence, the Power XpertTM UX range provides the

    highest safety and reliability standards without

    compromising competitiveness.

    As pioneers in vacuum and arc-interruption technologies, further developed over 40 years, Eaton has millions of vacuum interrupters successfully operating in multiple applications worldwide; Eaton's latest vacuum circuit breaker, the W-VACi, sits at the heart of Power XpertTM UX.

    Minimal costs during Low environmental service due to: impact

    Robust maintenance-free Increasing global legislation design with minimum concerning the use of green -number of parts house gases such as SF6 gas

    and their related disposal costs, W-VACi circuit breaker has amakes vacuum technology withlong life up to 30,000 its reliability, low maintenance,operations without the need and low environmental impactfor active maintenance. the choice for now and the

    Advanced vacuum future. interrupter contact designs

    As the world strives to reduceprevent hot spots, createthe amount of SF6 gas used inless heat and minimiseall applications there is aelectrode erosion to yieldresponsibility on the users oflonger life. electrical switchgear to find,

    NoSF6 pressure checks where appropriate, alternativesand specialised refilling to SF6 gas as an insulation andprocedures switching medium. Air and solid

    insulation switchgear systemsLow end of life disposal costs incorporating vacuum switchingdue to: technologies are a reliable, safe

    Vacuum switching and economic alternative for technology use in electrical systems below

    Air insulation 36 kV and therefore should be used instead of SF6 gas Recycling or re-use of all insulated systems.materials possible Modern medium voltage No special decommissioning switchgear employing vacuumprocedures necessary technology together with air and epoxy resin insulation provides:

    User friendly Minimum number of parts and components

    Cable connection and user No special requirements forinterfaces for operation on

    the end-of-life disposal ofthe same side of the unit the switchgear

    Multiple cables per phase Environmentally-friendlywith standard compression

    materials used in the designlug for ease of cable connection No use of SF6-gas for

    switching and insulation Secondary cable entry points (green switching)on both sides of the low

    voltage compartment top No risk of damaging leaks plate of SF6 gas or of toxic by-

    products Secondary cable wire way runs complete over the Energy-efficient production length of the switch gear to and assembly, with help with inter-unit wiring. environmentally friendly

    energy sources Secondary cable terminals positioned at a good Minimal number of transition reachable height within the points in the primary design low voltage compartment enables low energy loss

    during operation Clear and simple, straightforward operation Only re-usable and/or panels combined with a recyclable materials used

    The switchgear is type tested to the latest IEC, GB/DL standards and has third-party certification to prove internal arc containment classification of AFLR from 25 kA for 1 second and up to 40 kA for 1 second and 50 kA for 0.5 second. This means

    there is minimal risk of harm to personnel in the unlikely event of an internal arc in the cable compartment, vacuum circuit breaker compartment or the busbar compartment in any direction: front, rear and sides of the switchgear.

    Safety, reliability and performance

    Compartments are protected against penetration by objects

    Internal arc classification of AFLR provides operator safety in the unlikely event of an internal arc

    Operation only possible with the circuit breaker compartment door closed

    Logical mechanical and electrical interlocks prevent mal-operation

    Capacitive voltage detection system for verification of safe isolation from supply

    In the unlikely event of vacuum interrupter failure there is no damage to personnel and no harmful gases are emitted.

    Vacuum interrupter contact erosion is negligible

    Fully encapsulated vacuum interrupters

    Fewer moving parts in the pole unit versus other arc interruption technologies

    Reliable and safe in operation

    Complete design third party certified in accordance with IEC, GB/DL standards

    Internal arc fault tested in accordance with IEC, GB standards

    Quality assurance in accordance with ISO 9001

    Separate compartments for; cable, vacuum circuit breaker and busbars

    Integrated arc chamber

    Routine tested

    Low lifetime cost

    Low initial costs due to:

    Compact footprint

    Cable access from front or rear

    Cable entry from either top or bottom

    Easy-access cable compartment for ease of cable connection

    Integrated arc chamber

    Back to wall configuration with front cable access


  • Power XpertTM UX vacuum technology switchgear system

    Basic design Power XpertTM UX is modular in construction, ensuring that

    any panel combination and rating can be applied on a system.

    In addition,there is no limit to the number of panels that can be used in an installation, as several sections can easily be connected together. Because the panels can be quickly assembled and connected, flexible commissioning of the switchgear is an added benefit.

    1 Arc chamber

    The integral arc-chamber evacuates the gasses associated with an internal arc. Optional standard parts are available to extend the arc chamber; flanges and grilles are available to exhaust the gasses outside the switchgear room. 3

    2 Low voltage wire-way for inter panel wiring

    A fully segregated metal wireway is mountedat the top of each switchgear panel that connects together to form a continuous low voltage wireway that runs along the entire length of the switchgear.





    3 Low voltage compartment


    The compartmentis segregated with earthed metal partitions and has ample space for control and protection devices.

    7 8

    9 10



  • superior safety, reliability and performance

    4 Busbar compartment 5 Vacuum circuit breaker 6 Automatic shutters 7 Circuit earth switch compartment

    Busbars are totally enclosed in their own earthed metal compartment which vents into the arc chamber. Fully insulated along their entire length, the busbars are type tested for ratings up to 4000 A, 50 kA for 4 seconds. Epoxy mouldings segregate switchgear sections.

    8 Current transformers

    Fully segregated by earthed metal partitions, with its own pressure relief channel into the arc chamber, the compart ment provides all the safety interlocking mechanisms required for safe and reliable operation of the vacuum circuit breaker. Manual operation buttons allow for full operation of the vacuum circuit breaker from the front of the switchgear with the door fully closed. The circuit breaker is mechanically interlocked with the compartment door so that the door cannot be opened until the circuit breaker is switched Off and racked out into the Test position.

    9 Voltage transformers

    with maximum user safety in mind.

    Individually operated automatic earthed metal shutters for both the Line (busbar) and Load (cable) connections can be padlocked in the closed position. When the breaker is in Test or Disconnect positions the shutters automatically close to prevent accidental contact with any live parts.

    10 Cable terminations

    Ample cable termination provision is provided up to 9 single core cables per phase to enter the bottom of the switchgear and are terminated with compression lugs onto copper tails provided in the bottom of each panel.

    The earth switch is operated from the front of the switchgear, with mechanical indicators to show the switch position. A window allows direct viewing of the earth switch position. The earth switch is mechanically inter locked with the circuit breaker or contactor truck such that it can only be closed when truck is in the Test/Disconnect position. The circuit earth switch can be mechanically interlocked with the cable compartment door as an additional safety measure.

    11 Earth bar

    An earth bar system is provided making connections to the station earth easy and effective. The earth bar system has been fault tested and runs vertically and horizontally within each panel section and is connected to the earth switch, when provided.

    The voltage transformers are fitted with withdrawable primary fuses to provide full isolation of the transformer. This arrangement is designed

    Cast resin CTs are provided as standard in a wide range of ratings, with an option to use low voltage tape-wound CTs in the same location.


  • Control and protection

    Power Xpert® UX


    6 7 8









    1 Low voltage control and protection compartment

    Clear to view panel with all controls and indications clearly visible and easy to operate.

    2 Protection relay Eaton has a range of preferred relay options that can be fitted as standard. However, customer specific protection relays from any manufacturer can be fitted to the compartment door.

    3 Mimic diagram

    Easy to understand mimic diagram of each circuit.

    4 Metering with phase selector switch

    Option for an ammeter and phase selector switch.

    Option for voltmeter and phase selector switch.

    5 Voltage detection system

    Each circuit breaker panel can be equipped with an optional standard three phase voltage detection system for voltage detection to IEC 61243-5. The VDS is driven from a capacitive divider fitted within the insulators connected to the cable connection and shows the operator if the connected cable is live.

    6 Circuit breaker position indicator

    Breaker position indication shows the breaker in the Connected/Service or Disconnected/Test position.

    7 Electrical operation with circuit breaker status indicator

    Breaker Open/Closed status indicator.

    Breaker Open/Closed command switch.

    Optional LED indication of spring charge mechanism "Charged" status

    8 Earth switch indicator

    Optional LED indication of earth switch Open/Closed status.

    9 Viewing windows

    The circuit breaker compartment door viewing window provides visual indication of the position of the circuit breaker indicating:

    The status of the breaker

    The status of the springcharged mechanism

    The cable compartment door viewing window allows visual indication of:

    The status of the earth switch

    Inspection of the

    10 Manual circuit breaker operation

    Circuit breaker Open and Close buttons

    11 Circuit breaker racking mechanism

    Circuit breaker racking In/Out mechanism

    Clear distinct operator panel for user friendly operation


  • Eaton core technologies

    Vacuum technology: safe, compact and reliable

    4 5

    Solid insulation using cast-resin technology




    1. Bellows

    2. Bellows shield

    3. Ceramic insulators

    4. Movable contact

    5. Magnetic laminations

    Cast-resin is a high-quality primary insulation material. By using cast-resin for solid insulation, Eaton's design engineers can shape the parts specifically for optimal insulation, robust construction and cooling purposes.

    With over 50 years of experience in the design and manufacture of cast-resin components, Eaton has determined that the best solution is to embed the conductors and vacuum interrupters directly into the moulding to form a single encapsulated pole unit (EPU).

    Eaton's vacuum interrupters consist of a ceramic cylinder that houses fixed and movable contacts. Movement of the contact under vacuum conditions is performed by bellows. A shield surrounding the contacts prevents the insulators from becoming contaminated by any metal vapour produced during current interruption. This shield also ensures good voltage potential distribution over the insulator.

    A special feature of Eaton's vacuum interrupters is the creation of a large number of parallel arcs between the contacts. This "diffuse discharge" is characterised by very low arc voltage and short

    arc times, resulting in very low arc energy - so contact wear in a vacuum interrupter is negligible.

    Vacuum interrupters are main -tenance free and are certified up to 30,000 operation cycles.


    High mechanical strength for improved durability and mechanical life of the pole unit

    Protected against adverse climatic conditions and humidity

    Protected against mechanical impact, shock and vibration

    Provides high thermal conductivity for improved temperature rating

    High electrical resistivity and creepage current resistance for improved insulation and compact design


  • Main components

    Vacuum circuit breaker

    The vacuum circuit breaker uses a simple and reliable, true two step spring charged mechanism for operation of the vacuum interrupters. The construction of the mechanical linkage between the actuator and the drive rod of each of the three vacuum interrupters is simple and effective.


    Environmentally friendly vacuum interrupters totally encap -sulated within pole units constructed of solid epoxy resin

    Mechanically and electrically trip-free stored energy mechanism design

    Integrated mechanical lever for manual charging operation with pushbutton control

    Spring charged indicator with contacts for remote indication of spring status

    Mechanical status indicator for Open/Closed

    Auxiliary contacts for Open/Closed position

    Position indicator for Connected/Test position within the compartment

    Auxiliary contacts for remote position indication

    Mechanically interlocked with the compartment door

    Mechanical interlock to ensure the breaker is in the open position before it can be racked-in or racked-out


    The busbar system is constructed from high-quality hard drawn copper bars of standardised cross-section.


    Busbar compartment runs over the entire length of the switchboard

    Individual panel segregation between sections of the busbar chamber

    Constructed from high-quality hard-drawn copper of standard dimensions

    Fully insulated over the entire length of the switchboard

    Busbar chamber vents directly into the integral arc-chamber

    Busbar ratings up to 4000 A

    Busbar short circuit ratings up to 50 kA - 4 s


  • Contactor

    For motor starters, transformers and capacitor banks, the Power XpertTM UX system is available with vacuum contactor trucks. Contactors for 3.6 or 7.2 kV can be mounted on a truck together with fuses, and voltage transformers. Surge arresters can also be mounted at the cable terminals. For motor control applications up to 7.2 kV, Power XpertTM UX incorporates the Eaton range of SL contactors. For motor starters at 12 kV please contact Eaton.


    Environmentally friendly vacuum interrupters

    Ratings up to 400 amps at 6.6 kV

    Capacitor switching up to 295 amps at 6.6 kV

    Maximum interruption current of 8.5 kA

    Fuse protected up to 50 kA

    Electronic coil control for optimum control of the coil voltage and reduced watts loss means more efficient use of power and lower heat generation

    Electronic coil control allows for field selectable control voltages and drop out times

    Up to 6 auxiliary contacts in any combination of Normally Open and Normally Closed configurations

    Mechanical latch option is available with electrical unlatchsignal.

    Long life with up to 1 million electrical operations and 2.5 million mechanical operations with no maintenance or adjustment required

    Earth switch

    All panels can be equipped with a cable earthing switch. The earth switch is mechanically interlocked with the circuit breaker so that the earth switch can only be operated when the circuit breaker is open, and withdrawn to the 'Disconnected/Test' position.


    Fully fault-rated earth switch

    Operated from the front of the panel

    Auxiliary contacts for service/earthed positions

    Mechanical position indicators

    Mechanically and/or electrically interlocked with the vacuum circuit breaker


  • Safe and reliable in use

    Proven experience and knowledge gained by Eaton over

    many years in the areas of cast-resin technology, vacuum

    technology, arc interruption and electrical field control have

    been integrated in the design and development of Power

    XpertTM UX - ensuring that the switchgear is safe and has

    high operational reliability throughout its lifetime.

    Internal Arc Classification (IAC) of AFLR

    While the integrity of the equipment to provide continuity of supply was a major design consideration throughout its development, the safety of the operator has also been one of the most important criteria, with a number of reassuring features built in.

    All of Eaton's medium voltage systems, including Power XpertTM UX have been third party tested to all relevant standards, and are in accordance with IEC, GB/DL regulations.

    Eaton has always emphasised the need to design and create safe switchgear for operators at all times.

    One of the biggest potential threats to operators is an

    internal arc in the switchgear. The metal-clad design and the robust construction has enabled Power XpertTM UX to success fully pass internal arcing test in a-ccor dance with IEC 62271-200 and GB3906 in all three primary compartments and provides an IAC rating of upto 40 kA for 1 second and 50 kAfor 0.5 second.

    IEC, GB defines the level of protection to be provided in the event of an internal arc fault being generated within the switchgear. Power XpertTM UX has been proven by independent thirdparty test to provide an IAC Classification of IAC = AFLR.

    A = Protection for personnel

    F = Protection at the Front of the switchgear

    Loss of service continuity classification

    IEC, GB describes the extent to which the switchgear and control gear are allowed to remain operational in case access to a main compartment is necessary.

    Power XpertTM UX has the highest attainable level of Loss of Service Continuity of LSC2B.

    Category LSC2B

    This form allows for maximum continuity of service of the system during access to the compartments inside the switchgear - meaning that the main switching device of each functional unit of an LSC2B switchgear is fitted in its own accessible compartment. Maintenance may be performed on the main switching device without de-energizing the

    corresponding cable connection or the main busbars. As a consequence, in this example of LSC2B switchgear, a minimum of 3 compartments for each functional unit is necessary:

    1 for each main switching device

    1 for components connected to one side of a main switching device, for example, feeder circuit

    1 for components connected to the other side of the main switching device, for example, busbars

    Switchgear is classified as LSC2B when it is possible and safe to open the circuit breaker compartment when the cable and busbars are energised.

    L = Protection at the Lateral (sides) of the switchgear

    R = Protection at the Rear of the switchgear

    The IEC, GB standard requires that an internal arc test is carried out in each of the power sections of the switchgear. In Power XpertTM UX this means the cable compart -ment, the vacuum circuit breaker compartment, and the main busbar compartment.

    The standard allows for each test to be conducted in individual switchgear panels -meaning that three separate panels can be used to prove the integrity of the design.

    Partition classification

    In addition to the IAC and the LSC classifications, IEC, GB defines the type of partitions required between each panel and between each functional unit within the panel.

    Power XpertTM UX employs only earthed metal partitions and therefore has the highest level of partition classification of PM.

    Power XpertTM UX switchgear is equipped with automatic earthed metal shutters. Individually operated shutters for both the Line (busbar) and

    Power XpertTM UX, however, has achieved IEC, GB with all three tests being conducted in the same panel. It is an important safety feature and indication of strength that Power XpertTM UX passed all three required tests in the same panel.

    The Power XpertTM UX has the following IAC ratings:

    12 kV 25 kV - 1s, 31.5 kA - 1s 40kA - 1s, 50kA -a- 0.5 s

    Load (cable) connections can be padlocked in the closed position. When the vacuum circuit breaker is in the test or the disconnect positions the shutters will automatically close to prevent accidental contact with any live parts. For testing purposes, special shutter lifters are used to maintain the shutters in the open position. Colour coded and labelled 'Busbar' and 'Cable', the shutters are easily identified as Open or Closed.


  • assembled, a thorough visual

    Routine tests

    In addition to the third party certified type testing programme to prove the integrity of the Power XpertTM UX design, Eaton conducts routine tests on each vacuum interrupter, circuit breaker and switchgear panel. At a minimum these tests confirm compliance with the relevant IEC, GB standards; however customer specific test procedures and witness of tests can be accommodated. To ensure quality, all processes are performed in accordance with ISO 9001- at every stage of production the components, circuit breakers and current transformers are inspected for correct functioning. When the entire installation has been

    inspection is carried out, together with the required mechanical, functional and electrical checks.

    Safety interlocks

    For personnel safety Power XpertTM UX is designed with a number of comprehensive mechanical interlocks to prevent unsafe operation.

    It is not possible to rack-in or rack-out a circuit breakerunless it is in the Off or Openposition.

    It is not possible to close a circuit breaker unless the circuit breaker is in the Connected or Test position.

    The secondary socket can only be disconnected with the circuit breaker in the test position.

    Closing the circuit breakeris only possible with the secondary contacts connected.

    It is not possible to close the earth switch when the circuit breaker is in the Connected position.

    The door of the vacuumcircuit breaker compartment canonly be opened whenthe circuit beaker is in the Disconnected / Test position.

    It is only possible to rack-in or rack-out the circuit breaker when the circuit breaker door is closed.

    Accessibility of compartments

    IE,GB define the accessibility classification for each of the power sections in the switchgear. Power XpertTM UX has the following accessibility definitions.

    Busbar: tool-based/non-accessible

    Circuit breaker: interlocked controlled

    Cable: tool-based or option for interlocked controlled

    Ingress of foreign objects

    Power XpertTM UX has an external protection degree of IP4X as per IEC 60529 with an optio of IP41 available. Internal ingress protection to IP2X is standard with an option for IP3X for more demanding applications. Separation eliminates the penetration of foreign objects and reduces the risk of accidental contact with any live parts.


  • Sustainability

    Environmentally friendly

    The Power XpertTM UX is

    designed to be

    environmentally friendly

    throughout the life-cycle:

    from production, during

    service and at the end-of-life.

    One of Eaton's key strategic initiatives is to provide environmentally friendly products. This requires examination of the total lifecycle, from design to decommissioning.

    Environmentally friendly design

    Material selection and the number of parts that are used to manufacture the Power XpertTM UX are critical to determining how environmentally friendly the manufacturing process is.

    Eaton selects its materials to ensure that they have the

    No use of SF6-gas for insulation or switching

    From the very beginning Eaton made a fundamental choice not to use SF6 as a switching and insulation medium for medium voltage equipment - it is on the list of greenhouse gasses in the Kyoto protocol and is the most potent of the six main greenhouse gasses, with a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 23,000.

    Energy efficient assembly

    Power XpertTM UX is produced in an energy efficient environment. Standard processes and materials are used in the design and require no special handling or manufacturing processes, thus reducing the amount of energy required to manufacture and assemble the switchgear.

    The product life-cycle can be divided into five main blocks. These blocks are

    The design

    Materials used

    The assembly

    The operational phase

    The decommissioning

    Eaton's production plants act entirely in accordance with the rules and procedures of the ISO 14001 environmental certificate during development and production processes.

    lowest possible impact on the environment. It is essential that they are equally safe for people - not just during use, but at the end of service life too.

    Within Power XpertTM UX and the W-VACi circuit breaker, a combination of solid (cast-resin)

    Some medium voltage switchgear systems use SF6 gas as the insulating medium. Leakage of SF6 gas from switchgear contributes significantly to the threat of the greenhouse effect and associated climate change. They also require additional safety measures and special handling requirements at the end of life.

    Efficient use of materials

    Besides the energy sources, special focus is placed on the efficient use of material during assembly. For example by using advanced nesting tools the sheet steel plates are cut with the least amount of waste, and similar principles are followed in the design and manufacture of other product components.

    and air is used as insulation. The cast-resin technology, in combination with electrical field calculations, provides a very compact, environmentally friendly design for the circuit breaker and the switchgear. Because the switching medium

    Minimum service checks on site

    Power XpertTM UX is designed for a lifetime of at least 30 years; therefore the energy usage for maintenance activities during this long period is minimal. Due to the green insulation and switching technology, there is also no leakage of the harmful SF6 gas during its lifetime and no need for performing extra maintenance activities on SF6 gas pressure checks.

    Re-use or recycling of materials

    All materials within Power XpertTM UX can be re-used or recycled. Because the Power XpertTM UX uses no SF6 gas, there is no possibility of leakage of this greenhouse gas during decommissioning the switchgear.

    - vacuum - is used, Power XpertTM UX can be completely recycled at the end of its life without any issues relating to safety procedures, special handling or safe disposal.

    Minimal energy loss during operation

    The number of electrical contact or changeover points within the Power XpertTM UX system has been kept to an absolute minimum. This reduces the potential number of "hot spots" and prevents additional energy loss associated with contact surfaces.


  • Low total cost of


    Designed to provide at least 30 years of reliable service

    the Power XpertTM UX design guarantees low overall cost

    of ownership when considered over the lifetime of the


    Life-time costs can be split into initial costs, costs incurred during service and finally, costs for disposal of the switchgear. All costs of ownership are influenced by different features of the switchgear provided with no concession to quality and reliability.

    Low initial costs

    Panel dimensions

    With a panel width of 800 mm or 1000 mm and a depth of 1500 mm across all ratings, Power XpertTM UX is one of the most compact designs of air insulated medium voltage switchgear available today. The compact design of Power XpertTM UX allows for smaller switchrooms to be built, further reducing the overall cost of installation.

    Flexible cable access

    The Power XpertTM UX ers top and bottom cable entry with cable access from either front or rear. If front access is chosen it is possible to mount the Power XpertTM UX panels flush against the wall thus reducing further the space needed in the building.

    Low cost during service

    Costs during service of switchgear can accumulate due to damaged parts requiring replacement, or by maintenance cycles set up for critical parts that will not reach their expected lifetime without being serviced.

    Keeping this in mind during the initial design of the Power XpertTM UX, the first design steps undertaken were to:

    Minimise the number of parts used in the construction

    Design using industry standard or readily available raw materials

    Prevent internal parts from being damaged during the lifetime of the unit.

    This robust construction, using only the minimum number of parts, is based on our long experience of building switchgear. During production of the panels, routine tests are carried out by specialists, to ensure that the panels achieve the quality that they are designed for.

    Minimal inspection

    By designing a simple, modular, efficient, proven, low energy spring charged mechanism with the fewest possible number of parts for the vacuum circuit breaker, the maintenance requirements normally associated with this type of mechanism is dramatically reduced.

    With proven reliability of up to 20,000 operations the Universal Mechanism Assembly used in the W-VACi breaker helps to provide a virtually maintenancefree circuit breaker.

    Vacuum interrupter design plays an important role in the reduction of maintenance. Eaton's vacuum interrupters employ a 'diffuse discharge' design which practically eliminates contact wear. Coupled with the proven solid insulation technology Eaton employs in the manufacture of the encapsulated pole unit, the W-VACi range of vacuum circuit breakers is considered virtually maintenance free.

    Switchgear that uses SF6 gas as an insulation medium has an inherent leakage rate. To maintain an adequate insulation level within this type of switchgear, the pressure of the SF6 gas present in the switchgear tanks must be checked and refilled on a regular basis during the unit's lifetime.

    With Power XpertTM UX the extra costs involved in checking and maintaining the required insulation level are not incurred. The combination of vacuum interrupters for switching, castresin technology and clean air as the insulation medium, is environmentally friendly and maintains the same quality level during the complete lifetime of Power XpertTM UX. By not using SF6 gas in Power XpertTM UX, an owner is also not faced with the administration costs involved in registering the number of kilograms of SF6 gas in the installation.

    Low disposal cost

    Power XpertTM UX switchgear has a typical lifetime of at least 30 years. Depending on the location of the installation, this lifetime can be extended. If, for any reason, a decision is made not to use the switchgear any further it can be fully recycled.

    When decommissioned, the switchgear can be dismantled and the different materials can either be re-used or recycled with total safety. Because no SF6 gas is used, decommis -sioning is a less complicated, more cost effective and an environmentally friendly operation. There are no special precautions, tools or decommissioning methods required.


  • Flexibility in design

    Every application of this

    type of system is unique,

    so Eaton offers a wide

    range of different panel

    types and field versions.

    If, in due course, additional capacity in the form of more panels is required, Power XpertTM UX can easily be extended to the right or left with only minimal disruption to the supply for final connection of the busbars.

    Eaton realises that customers often have their own requirements with respect to the use of protection and control components within switchgear, so the need for specific components was taken into account during product development and resulted in a basic primary design that enables customers to integrate secondary protection and control components according to their own specification requirements.

    Range of voltage transformers

    All Power XpertTM UX panels can be fitted with cast-resin insulated voltage transformers, of the requested transformer ratio and class, for voltage measurement on the cable side, or on the busbar side.

    The standard configuration is for a fixed voltage transformer with withdrawable fuses -although an option for truck mounted withdrawable voltage transformers is also available.


    Range of current transformers In order to provide protection and metering, the cast-resin insulated current transformers are housed in the fixed section near the feeder cable terminals. All common transformer ratios, outputs, rated currents and classes are possible. For higher current ratings above 2500 A cast-resin ring-type current transformers are used.

    It is also possible, as an option, to fit low voltages wire-wound current transformers onto a screened primary conductor instead of the standard castresin block or ring type transformers.

    Smart Grids and substation automation Equipment for remote communication between panels or automation systems can also be installed in the low voltage compartment, making the system the perfect solution for current and future Smart Grid applications.

    Protection and control equipment The protection and control equipment is located in a completely separate low voltage compartment with its own access door. There is space on the door for a mimic diagram and for mounting equipment such as protection relays, voltage detection systems, meters, etc.

    In case additional space is required, the low voltage compartment can be extended.

    Power XpertTM UX complies with the following international standards DL/T 402|2007 Specification of high-voltage alternating-current circuit-breakers DL/T 404|2007 DL/T 486|2000 DL/T 593|2006 GB 1207|2006 GB 1208|2006 GB 1984|2003

    Alternating-current metal-enclosed switchgear and controlgear for rated voltages above 3.6kV and up to and including 40.5kV Specifications for HV AC disconnectors and earthing switches Common specification for high-voltage switchgear and controlgear standards Inductive voltage transformers Current transformers High-voltage alternating-current circuit-breakers

    GB 1985|2004 HV AC disconnectors and earthing switches

    GB 3906|2006 Alternating-current metal-enclosed switchgear and controlgear for rated voltages above 3.6kV and up to and including 40.5kV

    GB 15166.2|2008 High-voltage alternating-current fuses - Part 2: Current-limiting fuses

    GB 50150|2006 Electric Equipment Installation Engineering - Standard for Handover Test of Electric Equipment Installation

    GB/T 11022|1999 Common specification for high-voltage switchgear and controlgear standards

    SD 318|1989 Technical specifications for high-voltage switch cabinet lock

    IEC 62271|100 High-voltage alternating-current circuit-breakers

    IEC 62271|200 Metal-enclosed switchgear and controlgear

    IEC 60529 Degree of protection(IP code)


  • Electrical Data

    Rated voltage kV 12 Lightning impulse withstand voltage kV 95 Power frequency withstand voltage kV 42 Rated frequency Hz 50 Internal arc class AFLR Loss of service continuity category LSC2B Partition class PM Earthing switch withstand voltage – time kA-4s 25 / 31.5 / 40 / 50

    Accessibility of compartments Circuit breaker compartment Interlock-controlled Busbar compartment Cable compartment External degree of protection Internal degree of protection Installation Temperature classification Relative humidity (max)


    Tool-based/non-accessible Tool-based or Interlock-controlled

    IP4X (IP41 as an option) IP2X (IP3X as an option)

    Indoor -5 to +40


    Busbar system

    Rated normal current Rated short-time withstand current Rated peak withstand current

    A kA-4s kA

    1250, 1600, 2000, 2500, 3150, 4000 (FC*) 25 / 31.5 / 40 / 50 63 / 80 / 100 / 125

    *) FC = Fan cooled.

    Circuit breaker ratings

    Rated normal current Rated short-circuit breaking current Rated short-circuit making current Rated short-time withstand current Single capacitor bank switching Multiple capacitor bank switching back to back Class Auxiliary voltage

    A kA kA kA-4s C2 A C2 A


    630, 1250, 2000, 2500, 3150, 4000 25/31.5/ 40 / 50

    63 / 80/ 100/ 125 25/31.5/ 40 / 50

    800/630 400

    E2, C2 AC110/220,DC110/220



    Rated operating sequence A O - 0.3s - CO - 180s - CO

    Class Number of operations

    M2 up to 30,000


  • Dimensions

    600/800 1000

    Panel width 600mm 800mm 1000mm

    Max. rating 630A, 1250A 630A, 1250A, 2000A 2000A, 3150A / 4000 A (FC) Depth 1500 1500 1500 Height 2200 2200 2200 Height including arc chamber (B) 2750 2750 2750


  • Product range

    The Power XpertTM UX

    product range is very

    flexible and has a variety

    of circuit options that

    enable almost all types of

    application to be configured.

    Panel configurations

    The truck design is common for all the types enabling the reconfiguration of the panel while in service.

    For added configuration flexibility the Riser Panels can be fitted on either the left or the right side of the Sectionaliser Panels. Also the width of the combination of

    Sectionaliser and Riser Panels is kept to a minimum.

    Further flexibility is provided by the Equipped Riser Panel option. In this configuration any standard equipment truck can be fitted into the Equipped Riser, offering options for busbar metering, earthing, and a disconnect truck.

    A wide range of additional options are also available for mounting within the main primary compartments. The low voltage control and protection compartment also offers many options for control and indication.

    VCB Panel


    Contactor Panel Sectionaliser Panel


    Metering Panel Withdrawable


    Busbar VT Panel


    Sectionaliser PanelRiser Panel Left Riser Panel Right


    Sectionaliser Panel


    Sectionaliser Panel


    Equipped Riser Left


    Equipped Riser Right

    Truck configurations

    Cicuit Breake Contactor Busbar Earthing Cable Earthing Withdrawable Fixed VT VT Withdrawable Fuses

    Cell Cell

    Disconnector CT

    Cell Cell

    Withdrawable Truck VT



    VT with Feed Through




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