Ask a story day 1-reading 2 Y6

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1. GroupThere was a girl.Hername was Juana.Havia uma menina.O nome dela era Juana. 2. Student ActorI am a girl.My name isJuana. Eu sou uma menina. Meu nome Juana. 3. GroupWhere was Juana?Onde estava Juana? 4. GroupWho was in Recife?Juana was in Recife. 5. GroupThere was a boy.His namewas Nacho.Havia um menino. O nome dele era Nacho. 6. Student ActorI am a boy.My name isNacho.Eu sou um menino. O meu nome Nacho. 7. GroupNacho was in BeloHorizonte, Minas gerais.Nacho estava em Belo Horizonte,Minas Gerais. 8. GroupThere was anothergirl.Her name was Sara.Havia outra menina. O nome dela era Sara. 9. Student ActorI am a girl.My name isSara.Eu sou uma menina.Meu nome Sara. 10. GroupSara was a girl and Sarawas in Goinia,Gois.Sarah era uma menina e estava em Goinia,Gois. 11. REMINDERWHO? WHERE? Quem? Onde? 12. WHO WAS IN GOINIA? 13. WHERE WAS SARA? 14. WHO WAS IN RECIFE,PERNAMBUCO? 15. WHERE WAS JUANA? 16. WHO WAS IN MINAS GERAIS? 17. WHERE WAS NACHO? 18. Did you know that...You answer the questions- WHO ARE YOU? and WHERE ARE YOU?- with the same verb.Who are you? I am Mary.Where are you? I am in Natal.The verb is the same with different meanings.