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Offbeat World Cup 2014

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Text of Offbeat World Cup 2014

  • Rio de JaneiroOffbeat World Cup 2014*

  • Mascot*

  • Graffiti,Sao Paulo.*

  • A wall in Rio de Janeiro is decorated with a mural depicting Brazilian soccer player Hulk.*

  • A hot-air balloon in the likeness of Brazils Christ The Redeemer statute, Melbourne, Australia*

  • central Thailand*

  • Coex Aquarium in Seoul.*

  • Giant puppets at Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro*

  • Items that have been used historically as makeshift soccer balls by Brazilians are displayed in the Museum of Football on June 10, 2014 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.*

  • Argentina's national soccer team T-shirts hang for sale outside the Argentine Soccer Association.*

  • A fake novelty soccer ball looks like it's breaking the windshield of a car in Sao Paulo,*

  • in Jarrow, England*

  • 'can coolers' are sold on Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro*

  • A boy ,Mumbai, India*

  • Organizers were protesting against the government's spending on the World Cup instead of services for the people of Brazil.*

  • sidewalk , Rio de Janeiro.*

  • The GQ and Ben Watts Photo Exhibition, New York City.*

  • in the southern Indian*

  • Rio de Janeiro*

  • Factory, in Sialkot, Punjab province, Pakistan*

  • "diabolica,Belgian entrepreneurs*

  • exchanges stickers for the official *

  • Brazilian soccer fan Marilza Guimaraes da Silva, 63,*

  • stands among large puppets in the likeness of soccer players*

  • Riot police stand guard during a demonstration by striking subway workers ,So Paulo, Brazil.*

  • Activist, "While your team is relaxing, Brazilians are dying".*

  • beach,Rio de Janeiro*

  • Indian artist*

  • Otter "Arashi" acting as goalkeeper, Tokyo*

  • beach,Rio de Janeiro*

  • Ivory Coast's national football team goalkeeper Boubacar*

  • Chile soccer fan,mini-home*

  • beach in Rio de Janeiro*

  • paints a roadside wall,Kolkata, India*

  • 2014 World Cup Womens Calendar*


  • *

  • walk past a vandalized mural, Brazil*

  • Only 25,000 tickets go to fans at World Cup opener*

  • sandals decorated with the national colors,Rio de Janeiro, Brazil*

  • A boy heads a soccer ball in front of a mural of India's former captain Baichung Bhutia.*

  • Algeria's forward Nabil Ghilas*

  • Indian children*

  • Mexican soccer fan*

  • Brazil, Barra da Tijuca*

  • Western Switzerland*

  • View of the National Stadium6/11/2014 Kaohsiung Taiwan R.O.C All photos were taken from Daily Mail, The Atlantic,Internet.etc.THE END*


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