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AWS Overview

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Heitor Vital

● Áreas de Atuação○ Cloud Computing○ Segurança Informação○ Jogos○ Dispositivos Móveis○ …

● Acadêmico○ MBA FGV○ Mestrado UFPE○ Graduação UFPE





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Crescimento AWS

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Cloud Benefits

Benefit from massive economies of scale

Stop guessing capacity

Trade capital expense for variable expense Increase speed and agility

Stop spending money on running and maintaining data centers

Go global in minutes

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Capacity vs Usage

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Capacity vs Usage

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Ability to Execute● Product/Service● Overall Viability● Sales Execution/Pricing● Market Responsiveness/Record● Marketing Execution ("mind share")● Customer Experience● Operations

Completeness of Vision● Market Understanding● Marketing Strategy● Sales Strategy● Offering (Product) Strategy● Business Model● Vertical/Industry Strategy● Innovation● Geographic Strategy

Por que AWS?

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Fonte: http://www.gartner.com/technology/reprints.do?id=1-1UKQQA6&ct=140528&st=sb

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Modelo de referência

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AWS Global InfrastructureRegions

● Datacenters independentes

Availability Zones● Failure zones● Fisicamente independentes

○ Energia○ Refrigeração○ Networking

Edge Locations● Pontos de distribuição de baixa latência ● CDN - CloudFront● DNS - Route53

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AWS Global Infrastructure

11 - Regions28 - Availability Zones52 - Edge Locations

Fonte: http://aws.amazon.com/about-aws/global-infrastructure/

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VPC - Private and isolated section of the AWS Cloud

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Direct Connect● Conexão segura e privada com a AWS● Bypass public internet● Alta velocidade (banda)● Latencia previsível

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EC2 - Elastic Cloud Computing

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Auto Scaling

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Elastic Load Balancer

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Storage & Content Delivery

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S3 - Simple Storage Service

● 1 byte - 5 TB● 99,999999999% Durability● 99,99% Durability com RRS● 99,99% Disponibilidade● > 100GB Usar Multipart Upload

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EBS - Elastic Block Store

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Global InfrastructureQuem lembra os números?

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AWS Global Infrastructure

11 - Regions28 - Availability Zones52 - Edge Locations

Fonte: http://aws.amazon.com/about-aws/global-infrastructure/

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10GB - 25ws

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Relational Database Service - RDS

● Automatic Software Patching● Automated Backups● Multi-AZ● Reserved Instance SupportAurora

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No SQL● Fully managed cloud NoSQL database

service● Fast, Predictable Performance

○ Particionamento de informações○ SSD

● Scalable● High Availability

○ Replica em 3 AZs

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App Services

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Deployment & Adm

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Deployment & Adm

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OthersAnalytics Applications Mobile

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ReferenciasReferências1. Página oficial2. AWS Hub3. Blog AWS4. Slideshare5. AWS Architecture Center6. AWS Security Center7. AWS Documentation Page8. Curso online9. Novidades re-Invent 2014

White Papers1. Overview of Amazon Web Services2. Overview of Security Processes3. AWS Risk and Compliance4. Storage Options in the AWS Cloud5. Architecting for the AWS Cloud: Best

Practices6. Storage Use Cases7. Designing Fault-Tolerant Applications in

the AWS Cloud

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