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Banyan Tree Resorts

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This is a presentation of Global Marketing subject

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  • 1. Internationalbrand
    Group 5:
    Alix de Kersabiec
    Le BaoNgc
    Nguyen Tran Minh Phuong
    Nguyen QuynhTrang
    Phm Hoang Anh Vu
    Mr. Ho Kwon Ping
    Executive Chairman

2. Content
3. 1.
4. Target market
Couples in 30s - 40s ages
Premium market
United State
5. Psychographic
New age style
Rejuvenate romantic & intimacy
6. Positioned towards the wealthy, couples looking for relaxation, Banyan Tree Palawan will better the companys existing image.
7. How important is the brand name to the target customers
Abid Butt said, our target is the luxury, premium market.
84 percent of our guest are couples looking for romance and intimacy. Most of them are in there mid 30s and 40s.They are rich, but not necessarily famous.

  • Create a strong brand name 8.Target to middle young age from 30s to 40s

How important is it for the brand to be considered local versus global
Branding is very importance to success
Location also plays a strong strategic role
Banyan Tree hotel has met objectives that a good brand will achieve include:
Delivers the message clearly
Confirms your credibility
Connects your target prospects emotionally
Motivates the buyer
Concretes User Loyalty
9. 10. 3.
11. Opportunity

  • Accommodation that emphasized romance, intimacy, privacy, and rejuvenation 12. Expanding the business 13. Right strategies, its capabilities grew. 14. Keeping up the pace to support an international business 15. Advantageous for BTHR as the owner to have all these capabilities and resources in-house 16. Open a resort built from scratch within two years compared to the industry norm of about five years 17. Changes were implemented immediately


  • language barrier, particularly when English was not the guests first language. Most of the spa staff stated without any spa work 18. Setting up its own spa training school in Phuket

Huge gap about pricing
Full-time government liaison staff
Create disparities between locals and foreigners
Indian ocean destination projects
19. 4.
20. Threat of new entrants
Threat of subtitute services
Strong investment capital
($200 million for first resorts, Laguna Phuket)
Hard to enter and non-performing firms and cannot exit easily
The second midrange brand
Angsana Resorts and Spa
Room rate from $200-$500/night (lower 40%than Banyan Tree spa)
How far the brand could be extended into new channels such as e-travel, and into the aspects of travel, leisure, and lifestyle.
21. Bargaining power of Suppliers
Bargaining power of Buyers
Suppliers for electric, furniture, food and beverage, advertising,
Human resource:culture and proficiency in English, difficult to find local staff that has expertise in spa treatments
Resort general managers reported directly to the execution committee
Run their respective resorts as long as they were profitable
Individual: 84% of guests are couples
$2500 for an average stay of four nights.
Corporate: 10%
To hold corporate meetings and retreats and targeted companies
There also offered customized outdoor team-building training programs.

  • Families: 6% 22. The wholesaler network: only 3-5 wholesalers in each country.

Threat of existion competitors
Rivals is increasing global
Le MeridienPhuket Yacht Club and resorts
$150 per night and the same facilities and services like Aman
Four Seasons
Threat of subtitute servicesRitz Carlton
Aman resortswere luxurious resorts include 40 private pavilions and 30 Thai villa homes
23. 5.
24. Services
Core value: good place to stay, private areas
Actual value: beautiful views, modern and luxury equipments, large areas, suitable selections
Augmented product: high quality of serving, customized serve, romantic atmospheres, fresh air
Training: customized outdoor team-buildings
Rooms for rent: Private pavilion, Villa home
Organizing honey moon for couples
Travel tours
Brand strategies
Line extension
Build more resorts in other regions
New brand
Angsana Resort and Spa
25. Prices
Banyan Tree Phuket Resort
Rooms$250 - $500/ nigh
Pavilions and villas$400 - $4000/night
Customized treatment program in spa$33 - $289/person
Honey moon (they spend on average)$2500/4 nights/person
Angsana resorts and spa$200 - $500/room/night
26. Promotion
A resort is nota hotel, its an experience
Marketing plan
7% of total revenue
Marketing expenditure: 60% for trading & 40% for consumers (directly)
27. Tools
Word of mouth
Pr: prominent travel magazines
Marketing strategies
All staff are local + Training for staffs, focusing on communication
Customizing via supplying 1 personal waiter who served customers through their entire stay.
satisfy experience and customers feeling
Target customers: Mid 30s and 40s, rich but not necessary to be famous
28. Place
60% travel agencies
40$ from direct customers
10% corporate clients
6% families
Intermediaries Selected distributors
Travel agencies
Wedding centers
Modern channel
E-booking via website
Banyan Tree Resorts & Hotels does business in 8 nations with 16 resorts
Customer rate:50% from Asian, 34% from Europe, 12%from US and 4% from the rest of the world
29. Thanks for listening
30. HoaSen University & Upec
Subject: Global Marketing
Design: Minh Phuong
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