© 2011 IBM Corporation Criando um planeta mais inteligente: As oportunidades para usarmos tecnologia de forma inovadora nos megaeventos esportivos ! Maio 2011 •Cezar Taurion •New Technologies Manager/Technical Evangelist [email protected]

Smarter cities

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Palestra abordando o conceito de cidades inteligentes, apresentada na Semana de Engenharia da UEMG, em Monlevade, maio de 2011

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© 2011 IBM Corporation

Criando um planeta mais inteligente:As oportunidades para usarmos tecnologia de forma inovadora nos

megaeventos esportivos !

Maio 2011

•Cezar Taurion•New Technologies Manager/Technical Evangelist

[email protected]

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Histórico das Inovações Tecnológicas na IBM

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Quatro Centros Mundiais de Serviços da IBM, sendo um deles no Brasil





IBM Hortolândia, SPIBM Hortolândia, SP

IBM e Governo Federal anunciam centro de pesquisas no Brasil08 de junho de 2010 – 19h22

�Primeiro da América do Sul.

�Tecnologias para tornar o Planeta Mais Inteligente.

�Sistemas humanos inteligentes para grandes eventos, como Copa 2014 e Olimpíadas 2016.

�Sistemas inteligentes para automação de serviços.

�Sistemas inteligentes para descobertas de recursos naturais (petróleo e gás) e logística.

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“Today, more than 25 percent of IBM Research’s work is on smarter planet projects, and we are in the process of doubling that to more than 50 percent, in areas such as mobile Web, nanotechnology, stream computing, analytics and cloud.”Annual R&D budget is about $6 billion

2009 was 17th consecutive year with highest number of patents awarded (70% on software and services)

Intellectual Property income of $1 B annually

(IBM 2009 Annual report)

P&D em Smarter Planet

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O que está no forno hoje?

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A smarter planet …..Why now ?

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Nos EUA uma cenoura viaja 1.600 milhas, uma batata 1.200 milhas para sair do produtor e chegar ao consumidor

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Page 9: Smarter cities


In 2001, there were 60 million transistors for every human on the planet ...

… by 2011 there will be +1 billion transistors per human…

… each costing 1/10 millionth of a cent.

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10 IM AR

Building a smarter world: Chips in everything

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11 IM AR

Just think about what is happening with the products we rely on Sometimes in ways we can’t even see or imagine…

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12 IM AR

In 2005 there were 1.3 billion RFID tags in circulation…

… by 2011 there will be 33billion.

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13 IM AR

RFID pode afetar toda a cadeia de valor, da fabricação até a gôndola

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14 IM AR

Mantendo seu paciente sobre total supervisão por meio de sinaiseletrônicos – no hospital

Pulseira daIdentificação

A etiqueta eletrônicapresa ao equipamento ouao braço do paciente, emite um sinal único

Sensores instaladosestrategicamente enviam ossinais captados das etiquetaspara o sistema central.

As informações sobre o rastreamento estão disponíveis nosmais diversos equipamentos emuso no hospital, inclusives emPDAs e telefone celular.

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15 IM AR

Example: Underground Mine

Underground Mine (Room & Pillar or Stope)

Objectives: • Monitor the location of staff throughout the mine.• Optimise traffic flow and improve safety along the

decline• Ensure compliance with evacuation and safety

policies.• Accuracy based around major “zones” within the

mine, and proximity detection.

Tags (200 tags)Receivers (20)

RFID Technology - UWB

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16 IM AR

By 2011, the world will be 10 times more instrumented then it was in 2006. Internet

connected devices will leap from 500M to 1 Trillion

2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 20110












es RFID,Digital TV,

MP3 players,Digital cameras,

Camera phones, VoIP,Medical imaging, Laptops,

smart meters, multi-player games,Satellite images, GPS, ATMs, Scanners,

Sensors, Digital radio, DLP theaters, Telematics,Peer-to-peer, Email, Instant messaging, Videoconferencing,

CAD/CAM, Toys, Industrial machines, Security systems, Appliances

10xgrowth infive years

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17 IM AR

Building a smarter world: Internet – connecting everything

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18 IM AR

Internet Matters: The Net’s sweeping impact on growth, jobs and prosperity McKinsey Global Institute

• 2 billion Internet users worldwide

• Internet acoounts for 3,4% of GDP in 13 countries we looked at

• 21% of GDP growth in the last 5 years in mature countries

• 2.6 jobs created for 1 job lost

• 75% of Internet impact arises from traditional industries

• 10% increase in productivity for small and medium businesses

• SMB heavily using Web technologies grow and export 2x as much as others

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19 IM AR

Page 20: Smarter cities

20 IM AR

Crescimento das Redes Sociais

Social NetworksFacebook, YouTube

Informational / Services

Yahoo, MSN, Google

Yahoo MSN Google YouTube Facebook

% o

f T

ime S




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21 IM AR

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22 IM AR

Page 23: Smarter cities

23 IM AR

Page 24: Smarter cities

24 IM AR

+ + =

So what is a smarter planet ?

A smarter planet: Is about thinking and acting in new ways to make our systems more efficient,

productive and responsive.


What does that mean ?

Page 25: Smarter cities

25 IM AR

In order to understand a new way of thinking…

Let’s start with a simple problem…..

I need to park my car …I need to find a parking space…..NOW !

It is a VERY simple problem…until you can’t find one.

You know there must be one nearby but how do you find it, you are even ‘happy’ to pay for one………. Just where is it ?

Meanwhile……. in a street near you, there is an empty parking meter space …not earning any money. If only it could tell someone.

Page 26: Smarter cities

26 IM AR

We need a new form of ‘parking’ intelligence:

I need a parking space.


I need to make money. How do I

tell someone I have a parking space ? Now

Page 27: Smarter cities

27 IM AR

In a smart world:What do we need to create a new form of parking intelligence ?

We need• Intelligent Sensors

• Telecommunication

• Coordination / Intelligence

• Finance

• Public Interaction

• Navigation capabilities

• Local Government involvement

• Control and Policing

• Benefits

• Green

• Improved revenues

• Less congestion

• More efficient use of resources

• Improved security

• Better revenues for shops

• ………

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28 IM AR

Building a smarter world: Intelligent Sensors

We need …

Sensors that can recognise if a car is parked in the bay.

It needs to recognise which car it is = unique identifiers.

It needs to be able to communicate, visually to the driver and

electronically to the car and to the network.

May or may not need payment methods

A lot of this exists today…

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29 IM AR

Building a smarter world: Telecommunication

We need …Communication from the car looking for a spaceCommunication from the empty parking bay Communication to the car navigation systemCommunication from the car, to the parking bay and on to the payment system.

Some of this exists today…..

Page 30: Smarter cities

30 IM AR

Building a smarter world: Coordination and Intelligence

We need …

Coordination …. like a dating agencyKnowledge of all available spacesStock control – allocation of spacesAble to coordinate actions / processesComputers and services to put it together

All of this exists today…..

Page 31: Smarter cities

31 IM AR

Building a smarter world: Finance

We need …

Ability to charge electronicallyAbility to vary charges by time / usageCreate monthly statementsInteract with the publicFunding to make it happen

All of this exists today…..

Page 32: Smarter cities

32 IM AR

Building a smarter world: Navigation

We need …

Ability to detect where in the city the car is

Ability to direct to the nearest empty parking bay

Ability to assign / reserve a parking space

Interact with the public

Most of this exists today…..

Page 33: Smarter cities

33 IM AR

Building a smarter world: Legislation / Local Government

We need …

Ability to control where parking is allowed

Ability to change current legislation

Ability to potentially reserve / pre allocate space

Interact with the public

All of this could happen today…..

Page 34: Smarter cities

34 IM AR

Building a smarter world: Control and Policing

We need …

Ability to enforce parking legislation

Remote sensing of violations

Intelligence built in to the system

Interact with the public

All of this could happen today…..

Page 35: Smarter cities

35 IM AR

Building a smarter world: We need benefits that are far reaching

• To the general public• Less congestion / pollution / Green

• To the local economy• Less congestion / time saved / convenience• Better revenues

• To local government• Less congestion / road utilisation / parking space utilisation• Increased parking revenues

• To the companies involved / operating the scheme• New revenue streams• Ability to easily replicate

• To Companies• New revenue streams and profit• Ability to easily replicate

Page 36: Smarter cities

36 IM AR

+ + =

What else do we need to create a smarter planet ?

A smarter planet: Also requires imagination and foresight.

A smarter planet will be conceived and built by creative thinking using world class technology and systems

Page 37: Smarter cities

37 IM AR

Diferentes visões de uma mesma situação

Diversity works!

Page 38: Smarter cities

38 IM AR

Innovation takes Courage

“If I'd asked my customers what they wanted,

they'd have said a faster horse. ”

– Henry Ford

Page 39: Smarter cities

39 IM AR

Innovation takes Courage

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40 IM AR

Em 2007, pela primeira vez na história, a maioria da população do mundo – 3.3 bilhões de pessoas – viviam em cidades. Em 2050, cerca de 70% da população global (6.4 bilhões de pessoas) estarãovivendo nos centros urbanos

Page 41: Smarter cities

41 IM AR41

The city is a microcosm of the major challenges and opportunities facing the planet today—intensified and accelerated. Here, all man-made systems come together and interact with one another.

Public Safety





Energy and Utilities


Page 42: Smarter cities

42 IM AR42

Smarter cities are working to infuse intelligence into each of their core systems.


Government Services




Energy and Utilities

Public Safety

Page 43: Smarter cities

43 IM AR

ED. 612 06/02/2010

Page 44: Smarter cities

44 IM AR

Page 45: Smarter cities

45 IM AR

Stockholm Congestion Charging Program

IBM was prime contractor for end-to-end solution, integrating 18 partners

Complex solution deployed in 13 months with a fixed launch date under significant public scrutiny

Outcome – Exceeded all expectations

25% reduction in traffic volume, removing 100,000 peak hour vehicles

Increase of 40,000 mass transit users per day, bus schedule speed improvements

Over $120 million net revenue per annum

Public Opinion – increasingly positive, media, individuals and businesses

Trial period Jan 2006 – July 2006

Referendum September 2006

Decision made to make scheme permanent

Re-started August 2007

- 21%

- 9%

- 19%

- 26%

- 22%

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46 IM AR


Information is matched with registered vehicle. Vehicle owner has five days to pay

Call-center operations managed by IBM

The gateway registers the vehicle


1 Picture is taken of the vehicle’s license plate.

ABC 123


IBM has designed,

built, implemented,

integrated and runs

the congestion

charging system

3Way of payment• Transponder/direct debit• License Plate/direct debit• Internet• Contact Center• 7-eleven/ Pressbyrån

How Does the Stockholm System Work?

Page 47: Smarter cities

47 IM AR

Ferramenta de Previsão de Tráfego (TPT): Singapura

Pouco uso automatizado é feito dos gigabytes de dados de trânsito em tempo real hoje; freqüentemente, quando são recebidos, eles não são mais representativos do trânsito real

►►►► Problema: "em tempo real" é tarde demais

O TPT da IBM oferece uma camada de inteligência usando dados de sensores em algoritmos sofisticados que criam conhecimentos relevantes a partir dos dados brutos

►►►► Inovação da IBM: prever o futuro

O TPT prevê com precisão as condições de trânsito




azul = previsão

preto = real

vermelho = incidente


Áreas de Uso:; cronometragem de semáforos, informações para o sistema de avisos aousuário, planejamento & recomendação de rotas, tarifação dinâmica, etc.

Page 48: Smarter cities

48 IM AR

Visão de um Tráfego mais Inteligente

Sistema Gestão


Sistema Gestão


Centro de Controle


Centro de Controle


Eventos tráfegoPadrões

Gestão tráfego

Identificação Veículos e SegurançaIdentificação Veículos e Segurança

Microonda Câmera Loop Telemetrica

Dados Veículo





Analysis Data

Regras Negócio Sistemas de Tomada Decisão

Sistemas de Tomada Decisão

Estratégia de Otimização de Tráfego

Gestão de Informações de TráfegoGestão de Informações de Tráfego





Velocidade …




Portal SMS

Radio e TV

Serviços ao UsuárioServiços ao Usuário

HelpDeskHelpDeskGestão de IncidentesGestão de Incidentes

Policia Médicos Bombeiro

Gestão de EmergênciasGestão de Emergências

Predição ÔnibusPredição Ônibus

Page 49: Smarter cities

49 IM AR49

Smarter public safety: Example of transformations

The NYPD Crime Information Warehousegives officers mobile access to more than 120 million criminal complaints, arrests and 911 records, as well as 5 million criminal records, parole files and photographs—resulting in a 27% reduction in crime.

The City of Madrid has developed a new Emergency Response Center, which aggregates emergency call data and instantly alerts the proper authorities, including police, ambulance services and the fire brigade. The city has experienced a 25% reduction in response time as a result of the implementation.

Page 50: Smarter cities

50 IM AR

Smart Vision Suite in action at San Pietro station Rome

Live view showing a person crossing the rail road

Instant alert for the person crossing the rail road

Page 51: Smarter cities

51 IM AR

Smart Vision Suite in action at San Pietro station Rome

Instant alert captured for objects left on the platform and station entrance

Page 52: Smarter cities

52 IM AR

Porto de Tampa

Identificação de Trafégo anormal na área do Porto

Naves em velocidades, tamanhos ou trajetóriasincomuns geram alertas para o pessoal de segurança mesmo em condições noturnas ouadversas

Aeroporto no Oriente Médio

Monitoração do tráfego de bagagens

Sistema aprende o comportamento normal dos objetosno video e gera alertas sobre divergências tais comouma pessoa subindo na esteira ou colocando umabagagem na esteira a partir de um local nãoesperado

Page 53: Smarter cities

53 IM AR53

Smarter energy and utilities: Examples of transformations

CenterPoint Energy in Houston is installing over 2 million smart meters and in some cases an energy controller for household devices. Homeowners will be able to access their usage information in home displays or on a personal website to make smarter consumption decisions.

DONG Energy in Denmark installed monitoring devices across their distribution network. The increased insight into the grid’s performance will potentially lessen outage times by up to 50% and reduce maintenance investments by up to 90%.

Page 54: Smarter cities

54 IM AR

Smart Grid representa a principal transformação na indústria de energia, em busca de um mundo mais interconectado, eficientee inteligente

Page 55: Smarter cities

55 IM AR

Distribui Consome





A indústria de energia está em meio a uma transformaçãofundamental de tecnologia, processos e modelo de negócios namedida em que acelera a digitalização das redes elétricasmundiais

Page 56: Smarter cities

56 IM AR

Distribui Consome




Produz Distribui Consome





A indústria de energia está em meio a uma transformaçãofundamental de tecnologia, processos e modelo de negócios namedida em que acelera a digitalização das redes elétricasmundiais

Page 57: Smarter cities

57 IM AR

What are smarter buildings?Smarter Buildings are well managed integrated physical and digital infrastructures

that provide optimal occupancy services in a reliable, cost effective, and sustainable


Smarter Buildings…

� Are more cost effective by reducing energy and operating costs.

� Use active and designed-in techniques to achieve efficiency and environmental responsibility.

� Have the ability to interact with occupants inside them as well as the environment around them.

� Maintain a safer and more secure workplace.

� Communicate in real-time to supporting infrastructure ( i.e. smart grid, broadband, etc.).

Page 58: Smarter cities

58 IM AR

The need for progress is clear.


Worldwide, buildings consume 42% of all electricity —more than any other asset.

42 percent


Buildings lose as much as 1/2 of the water that flows into them.

By 2025, buildings will be the largest emitters of greenhouse gasses on our planet.

30 percentEnergy costs alone represent about 30% of an office building’s total operating costs.

8 out of 10All other things being equal, 8 out of 10 employees would prefer to work in a “green building”.

59Regions worldwide with pending or approved carbon reduction mandates that effect buildings.

Page 59: Smarter cities

59 IM AR

The benefits are real.

Up to 18% productivity

A variety of studies have demonstrated productivity benefits in commercial settings. Office worker productivity increased up to 18% on average in smarter buildings.

91%occupancy rate

LEED and Energy Star green buildings have consistently higher occupancy rates with reduced churn, quicker lease up, and higher re-up rates.


Smarter buildings can reduce energy usage by 40% and reduce building maintenance cost 10-30%.

30%less waterAlso save up to 30% of water usage along with lower energy costs resulting from reductions in the amount of energy used to pump and heat water.

Page 60: Smarter cities

60 IM AR


checks,Detector service

WaterSmart Meters,

Use / Flow Sensing

HVACFans, Variable Air

Volume, Air Quality

ElevatorsMaintenance, Performance

Access/SecurityBadge in,

Cameras, IntegrationPerimeter, Doors, Floors, Occupancy



24/7 MonitoringCondition Monitoring, Parking Lot Utilization

EnergySmart Meters,

Demand response

How does a building become smart?


Community Services

Transportation, Traffic, Events

Community Services

Transportation, Traffic, Events

UtilitiesDemand Mgmt,

Cost Control

UtilitiesDemand Mgmt,

Cost Control





Emergency Services

Alerts, Actions

Emergency Services

Alerts, Actions

Commercial Potential


Commercial Potential


Integrated Building & Communications Services


alytics and



n Ext







PortfolioEstates Mgmt

PortfolioEstates Mgmt

OccupancySpace Mgmt

OccupancySpace Mgmt

Waste MgmtTrash/Water/Recycle

Waste MgmtTrash/Water/Recycle

ComplianceEnvironmental reports

ComplianceEnvironmental reports

Tenant ServicesHelp Desk

Tenant ServicesHelp Desk

Asset MgmtLifecycle

Asset MgmtLifecycle

Building ServicesMaintenance

Building ServicesMaintenance

Industry Specific Hospital, hotel, etc.

Industry Specific Hospital, hotel, etc.

Energy UsePassive/ActiveEnergy UsePassive/Active

Page 61: Smarter cities

61 IM AR

What does it mean to be a Smarter Building?The interconnection of physical assets and information technology can optimize efficiency,

production and consumption in many types of buildings.

Smarter Hotel Smarter Airport

Smarter Government BuildingSmarter Hospital

� Integration of all the guest subsystems of hotel that welcome guest according to their preferences and adds to convenience during stay.

� Sensor instrumentation used in real-time for asset location and patient location. Automated workflows such as medical equipment maintenance and patient care management.

� Provides efficient passenger and cargo services, climate control, wi-fi access, track maintenance tasks and help achieve security and safety compliance

� Utilize fully serviced office hubs and mobility tools to improve public services. Match occupancy levels with portfolio wide estates data to optimize building utilization.

Page 62: Smarter cities

62 IM AR62

Smarter government services: Example of transformations

The Cheshire County Council achieved a 20% reduction in time and cost required to perform in-home senior visits, improving the ability to proactively manage the course of health and social care for senior citizens.

City of Albuquerque introduced a performance management system that reduces manual data collection from disparate sources while enabling actionable, timely information for citizens, emergency personnel and others—realizing an initial cost savings of almost 2,000% ROI.

Page 63: Smarter cities

63 IM AR

Page 64: Smarter cities

64 IM AR64

Building a smarter planet

The key precondition for

REAL CHANGEnow exists.

A period of discontinuity is a period of

OPPORTUNITY for those with courage and vision.

There will be

WINNERS,and there will be losers.

What will you do?

Page 65: Smarter cities

65 IM AR

Temos que olhar os desafios de uma forma inovadora, para que possamos imaginar, empreender e construir

um planeta e cidades mais inteligentes.

Page 66: Smarter cities

66 IM AR© 2010 IBM Corporation

"We can't solve problems using the same kind of thinking we usedwhen we created them.“ — Albert Einstein

Page 67: Smarter cities

67 IM AR© 2010 IBM Corporation15

Anatomy of CityOne Game Play

Game presents holistic view on industry challengesand in business terms. Players learn about viablesolutions and make decisions on how to makesmart investments with given budget.

Task 1: Choose City and name it.

Task 2: Receive challenge & view video to gatherinsight. Review budget, assess industry progress, andgather feedback from advisor & citizen.

Task 3: Research technical tree & game library. Decideon investments. Invest wisely in technical infrastructure.

Task 4: Show results on leaderboard with rankings tocompete on a per City/Industry basis. Post awards toFacebook and Twitter. Access library of IBM assets andresources.

Game play: 20 mins-2 hr

Page 68: Smarter cities

68 IM AR

. Audiência acumulada em 26 bilhões de pessoas

. 400 milhões de espectadores por jogo

. Mais de 700 milhões assistiram à final entre Espanha e Holanda

. Publico adicional assistindo via Internet e celulares com TV

. ESPN3.com registrou 355.000 pessoas/minuto, recorde de audiência em streaming video

Copa FIFA 2014Evento mais midiático do planeta

Page 69: Smarter cities

69 IM AR

Que investimentos serão necessários?

Page 70: Smarter cities

70 IM AR

Copa 2014: Oportunidades e Desafios

EstEstáádiosdios•• Caderno de encargos FIFACaderno de encargos FIFA•• ElefantesElefantes--brancos?brancos?

InfraestruturaInfraestrutura• Do país e das cidades• Transporte & Mobilidade, Energia,

Saúde, Segurança

Legado• Pós-megaeventos• Cidades em 2024

ComComéérciorcio• Boom no varejo.• Shoppings, bares, restaurantes.

SustentabilidadeSustentabilidade• Projeto realmente

sustentáveis.• Chance de tornar o Brasil

referência mundial

Turismo• Fonte de renda inesgotável• Exemplo clássico: Barcelona

Page 71: Smarter cities

71 IM AR

A Copa de 2014 impactará diretamente R$ 47 bi (0,26% do PIB médio) na economia de 2010 a 2014.

No total serão R$ 183 bilhões, sendo R$ 135,7 bi indiretos.

Page 72: Smarter cities

72 IM AR

Post-Games PhaseGames PhasePre-Games Phase


The direct + indirect investments from the games will heat the Brazilian economy, increasing the # of jobs, tourists, GDP growth…

GDP GrowthGDP Growth









2008 2009 2010* 2011* 2012* 2013* 2014* 2015* 2016* 2017* 2018*2007

GDP Growth Forecast w/o the games GDP Growth Forecast with the games


Together, World Cup and Olympics will bring 880k foreign tourists and 2.8M local tourists which will

expend ~U$16B

New Jobs

World Cup and Olympics will add 5.7M

of new jobs in the Brazilian economy



3,5% 3,6%3,8% 3,9% 3,9% 4,0% 4,0% 4,1%




4,2% 4,3% 4,4% 4,4% 4,5% 4,4% 4,3%4,1%

Global Financial Crisis Impact

Page 73: Smarter cities

73 IM AR

Parte dos benefícios são tangíveis e podem ser concretamente mensurados


Benefícios econômicos

Impacto diretoImpacto indireto

(efeito da recirculação de $$ na economia)

Benefícios intangiveis

Copa do Mundo (infra, transportes...)

Outros impactos

Page 74: Smarter cities

74 IM AR

By IndustryBy Industry



AerospaceIT Industry




Oil & Gas

Retail &




Media &


Travel and



& all the








High Impact Industries

Construction & All the ecosystem includes:

Construction and Engineering, Construction

Material, Metals & Mining, Chemical, Motor &

Machinery Equipment: High investments in

construction projects (stadium, airports, harbors,

bus station, subway, bus rapid transit, Olympic

village, hotels, among others).

Travel and Transportation: Brazil increased its

global recognition after being selected to host

the events. All the segments related to tourism

will be highly impacted.

Banking: Increase the financing to accomplish

the projects (i.e. BNDES), increase the international investments in the Brazilian market.

Increase in the number of employment will

consequently increase the number of checking


Insurance: Insurance policies will be mandatory

in the construction phase and to carry out the


Media & Entertainment: Increase in Marketing

and Advertising investments by the government

and private companies. Broadcast/transmission

of the events.

Services Industry: Categories related to tourism

such as catering services, tourism guide among

others will be highly impacted.

Automotive: Investments from taxi drivers,

renting car companies, bus companies,

commercial vans and logistic companies to

support the events will boost the industry.

High ImpactMedium ImpactLow Impact




High number of new jobs/tourists will increase

the population expenses/consumption

Demand for fuel (cars, airplanes) will


Increase in the airplane/helicopter

acquisition to support the events demand

Investments from the Government to be

ready for the events

Labor capacity, inclusion of english

classes in the public school

Investments from the Government in

Basic Sanitation, Clean Energy, among

other projects to be ready for the events

…as the events approaches, the investments will boost

the economy and impact many industries in different


Page 75: Smarter cities

75 IM AR

Page 76: Smarter cities

76 IM AR

London 2012 - the reality

Europe’s largest regeneration project

£9.32 billion in facilities and regeneration projects

A 16,000 capacity Olympic Village transformed into homes after the Games

An Olympic venue in Herts.

Page 77: Smarter cities

77 IM AR

A realização da Copa em 2014 e das Olimpiadas em 2016 representam um marco para o país, com uma vasta gama de desafios e oportunidades.

Oportunidade única, proporcionada não somente pelas centenas de milhares de pessoas que vem ao Brasil, mas pelos bilhões que nos assistem pela TV e Internet.

Page 78: Smarter cities

78 IM AR

Mais que construir estádios, o desafio é deixar um legado social, econômico e ambiental, que por sua importância superará em muito as metas esportivas do evento em si.

Page 79: Smarter cities

79 IM AR

Page 80: Smarter cities

80 IM AR

Page 81: Smarter cities

81 IM AR

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