Open Source Recife

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Palestra de Open Source efetuada no II Encontro de Software Livre, Recife, Pernambuco.

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  • 1.Open Source 2.0 Da adolescncia para o mundo dos negciosII Encontro de SL de Pernambuco Recife, 23 de abril de 2008 Cezar Taurion Gerente de Novas Tecnologias Aplicadas Iniciativas Estratgicas IBM Brasil/Open Source Evangelist

2. Era uma vez... Kernel de sistema operacional baseado no MINIX, desenvolvido originalmente por Linus Torvalds, aluno da Universidade de Helsinki (Finlndia) em meados de 1991. IM AR | 3. Comprometimento da IBM com Linux e Open Source Nossa Estratgia Linux: Como e quando comeou? Jikes (1998) Relatrio apresentado ao Corporate Technology Council, maro de 1999 Marco na indstria: anncio no Linux World 2001 (1 bilho de US$ nos prximos 3 anos)...Diversas Iniciativas Importantes: Eclipse, Apache, Cloudscape, GluecodeDoao de 500 Patentes de Software : it is hoped that other patent holders will join IBM in establishing a patent commons for the benefit of OSS and to encourage innovation. IM AR | 4. Collaboration around open POWER platform has led to exciting innovations 12/2004: IBM revolutionized the industryand opened up the POWER hardwareplatform with Later, IBM, Sonyand Toshiba also collaborated on the CellBroadband Engine processor IM AR | 5. Nossa histria no mundo Linux e Open Source... 2004-2006 1999 / 2000 2001 20022003 IBM and Novell/SuSE achieve IBM forms Linux Linux contributions Linux contributions IBM and SuSE EAL4+ and COE compliance Technology Center to networking,to scalability (8-achieve EAL2+ serviceability, way+), reliabilityCommon Criteria Eclipse becomes independent org Leads Apacheperformance (stress testing,security cert IBM contributes UML2, Web Tools, projects Xerces defect mgmt, doc) Voice Tools (XML4J), Xalan, Mods to ApacheLeads Apache SOAP2.0 HTTP server Leads Apache Webprojects PlutoGlobus Toolkit 4 is WS-I compliant Services projects (Portlet API) and Creates OSI-Pledged 500 Patents to Open Founder ofWSIF and WSIL WSRP4J (Remote approved IBMSource Portal) Public LicensecontributingLeads Eclipse Partner with Zend PHP projects GEFLeads Eclipse Platform Strategic (editing), EMFprojects Hyades IBM enhances Apache partnership participation inCommon Public (modeling), XSD (testing), Visual- Contributes Derby database Mozilla License approvedEditor, AspectJ, (XML Schema)- Helps Derby graduate from used by Eclipse Equinox rich client IBM becomes IBM contributesincubation founding member Creates internaleServer support for Globus Toolkit 3 - Contributes voice recognition of OSDL bazaar using OSSGlobus Toolkit 2x contributions for- Supports Geronimo J2EE project methodology OGSA, OGSI - Acquires Gluecode for skills Firefox accessibility contribution Aperi project founding member Open AJAX initiativeIBM contributes to 150+More than 1000 developersIBM leads 80+ OSS projects OSS projects involved in OSS projects IM AR | 6. Linux Technology CenterIBM Linux Technology Center (LTC) Development team for all server and software platforms and other key initiatives, such as:Real Time LinuxSecurity: EAL certifications, Trusted Computing, SELinux, sHypeLinux on POWER, Linux on Cell,Linux for System z and z/VMVirtualization: Xen/KVM, LTC:APV support Over 600 developersSystems Management: kdump, 40+ locations Enable IBM SystemTapProducts 100+ projectsTechnical liaison to IBM's customers Make Linux Expand Linuxand Linux Distribution PartnersBetterReach IM AR | 7. Mas, o que Open Source?Inovao do processode desenvolvimentoOpen Source Modelos de negciosI think Linuss cleverest and most consequential hack was not the construction of the Linux kernel itself, but rather his invention of the Linux development model. Eric Raymond, The Cathedral and the BazaarIM AR | 8. Desenvolvimento colaborativo: o fenmeno Wikipedia (// um projeto com asseguintes caractersticas: Aglutinar todo conhecimento humano Autoria colaborativa Dezenas de lnguas (+2.331.000 verbetes em ingls e + 271.000 em portugus) Manter histrico das atualizaes, acesso rpido, flexvel nas atualizaes e inseres de verbetes (1500 verbetes por dia), alta demanda (um dos dez sites mais visitados) Como gerenciar este projeto na forma tradicional?IM AR | 9. Desenvolvimento ColaborativoGnesisPrimeiroscontribuidores Primeira versoCria-se comunidade Governana formal Modelo Bazaar Processos de reviso Verso estvelMais contribuidores Divergncias de direcionamento Lideranareconhecida Split off para novo Novas VersoVariantes projetofeaturesterminalVariantes podemComunidade desiste decontinuarevoluir o softwareevoluindo IM AR | 10. Estudo de caso: Comparando Processo de Desenvolvimento entre sistema proprietrio e LinuxRequirement AnalysisalmorDesignF ot N ImplementationIntegrationTestingReleasePost deliverymanagement Proprietrio: Design oriented Open Source: Implementation oriented engineering IM AR | 11. Caractersticas do desenvolvimento colaborativoTransparency Peer reviewNo Over-engineeringShort feedback loopRecorded-data High modularity and reuse Distributed community User-developersScalable division of laborPrior-art use Web InfrastructureIM AR | 12. IM AR | 13. Open Source: Desenvolvimento Colaborativo Exemplo do Kernel 2.6.24 IM AR | 14. Open Source: Desenvolvimento Colaborativo Exemplo do Kernel 2.6.24 IM AR | 15. Open Source: Desenvolvimento ColaborativoIBM Linux Technology Center$50M/yrIBM Unique Non-IBMIBM$50M/yrCommon Commercial$100M/yr TotalOne fifth of the cost of an independent IBM approachNon-IBM Commercial Linux Development Expenses (e.g. Intel, Nokia, Hitachi, etc.)$450M 700MCompany Unique$450M 700MCommon$900M 1,400MTotalSource: IBM figures: IBM Software Group; External figures: Open Source Development Laboratory IM AR | 16. Apache HTTPD Release Process Submit Bug &Determine Features Users EnhancementAlpha Testing Of New Release ReportsProposedFeatures Alpha BuildProgramProblem Reports DevelopersManagement In BugzillaCommittee Vote onNew Features DevelopersBeta Testing Decide on and code ProposedBugs or Enhancements Requirements Beta BuildDevelop NewPatches Developers Release ReleaseFinal Testing ManagerOn Their ownDecisionDeveloper Server To Commit Distribution Source Code CommittersRelease General ManagerPatches ReleasedAvailability Final DecisionOn what goes in Vote on Patches Revoked? Diagram from Michele Rousseau of UCI Source Code Patches IM AR | 17. Quais so nossos objetivos com Open Source?1. Inovao: Incrementar e explorar ocaldo cultural de inovao nascomunidades (inteligncia coletiva)EmbedLayerExtend 2. Contribuio: Ser um player estratgicoperante as comunidades open source, EnhanceIntegrateSupporttanto como contribuidor comoCommunity Innovationconsumidor de tecnologia Contribute3. Otimizar: Capturar e transformarParticipate.. Donate...Sponsor..inovaes open source em valor paranossos clientes 4. Crescer: Alavancar open source paraobter novos usurios, entrar em novosmercados e expandir oportunidades denegcioIM AR | 18. Ecossistema Open Source na IBM Web Application SoftwareServersInitiative Areas DevelopmentOpen SourceDPWACommunities al S SN io nD at Open Source Projects WA Re Elit SC se rto Edi mmun eip Open Source based Ecl uppotimtion Offeringsit yS DBme GetorOm Edi Private Source based r Tus onimo2E e, Sa ip s OfferingsediEc l , ca niF tionxprAxi ny,tes Expsin d ess RC se No De eneLuc Client Informationus Yah ipP -C serby AusLot Ecl CollaborationManagementpa ip oo!Lot l , cEche gsgs CosM por e ApemosbuOff SSSup Sourc oz Pro Tot uctiv erine r in slo ill t O ri, Gaes d a l S i t y C ge Offvic Poentoraw us Bla er.or Systems BSOpen IBbSe r Op Glode. gMManagement ge rSource Services/G orgSt I BMor S tGT a Sys ns temutiolI, pSo,Bla ri d IBM G deCri d OpenOpen Ser IBMMG tr verIB Hardware Platforms sGrid Offerings IM AR | 19. Software Development and Client Collaboration: Eclipse started as a development IDE but has become a leading cross- platform client runtime environment with Eclipse RCPCompanies Eat their own Cooking (including IBMSoftware Group) 140+ Members~2.5M Java IDEUsers (market Eclipse becomes independent entityleading)Eclipse project launched 70Members Eclipse Rel Eclipse RelEclipse Rel 8 3.0 1.02.0Members2004 2001IM AR | 20. Linux em Real TimeChallenge Build a Real Time Linux Operating System that wouldDDG 1000 compliment the RT Java to meet the performance demands of the DDG-1000 program while working with Zumwalt Class the Linux Community to mainline the enhancements. Key Benefits Open Source Solution that is on track to be adopted by the Linux Mainline Open Real Time Stack: RT Linux- RTSJ & RT GC RT Java- x86 Blades Reduced Risk and Reduced Total Cost of OwnershipSolution Real Time Linux Led by the IBM Linux Technology Center and built on the work of Red Hat and Open Source Community IBM System x and BladeCenter based solution Fully preemptive kernel, reducing critical path latencies Priority inheritance enabled kernel and userspace locking*,+2007 IM AR | 21. Impacto do Open Source na indstria de softwareObsolescncia do produtoDisponibilidade do produto Surge equivalente Open SourceReceita sem Open Source Receita Receita com Open Source Pesquisa Custos/investimentos DesenvolvimentoTestes alfa/beta Produo Manuteno/atualizaes Vendas, marketing e suporteIM AR | 22. Its not proprietary or open, its andProprietary OpenInnovationInnovationCollaborationAdvantages: Advantages:Product / offeringCost / value scaleuniquenessOption value / scopeSpeed-to-Market Differentiation StandardizationIBM LeadershipIM AR | 23. Coexistncia dos modelos de negcio baseados em open source e softwares proprietrios : a indstria e o mercado esto buscando o ponto de equilbrio... Direo daIndstria e mercadoTotalmente TotalmenteOpen Proprietrio Onde se posicionar?IM AR | 24. The mix will change over time This can as well, butPropri