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  • 1. cultural
    greater philadelphia
    Mission: OrganizationAccomplished!
    December 22, 2009
    Phyllis Flood Knerr

2. Organizing Process
3. Targeted areas

  • The Operations Room 4. Large Conference Room 5. Excess Equipment 6. Marketing area 7. Closet

The Teams
8. Wish List for the Entrance Area& Conference Room

  • Wall-mounted brochure holders 9. Containers for brochures in conference room cabinet

Marketing & Membership Publications

  • Decided to consolidate publications & promotional materials archives 10. These will probably be located in a cabinet in the Marketing area 11. Cleared out contents of an un-used cabinet and relocated books to shelving in the Operations Room 12. Moved some items used only for events from the kitchen to the Events cabinet 13. Overflow of publications & promotions may be located in the hall closet next to Theresas office, particularly if we can get a shelving unit for it

File Server Area

  • Inventory of old telephone system completed 15. Boxes ready for pickup

Thomas hard at work between interruptions
16. Boxes ready for shredding
17. After!!!
Way to go, Kendra!
18. Boxes recycled
19. Supplies I
Stationery supplies & other supplies have been sorted, consolidated & clearly labeled.
20. Supplies II
Cabinet repurposed to hold specialty envelopes
21. SuppliesIII
Wheelwritersupplies & extension cords
Odds & Ends
Labels & labelers
22. Photocopying Station & Library
Publications have been weeded, books added, copier paper relocated to be more accessible.
23. Kitchen Cabinets
24. Above Kitchen Counter
25. Above Kitchen Counter
Sorting like with like, picking the best and sharing the rest . . . Out-of-date cocoa & WAY too many straws!
26. Bottom kitchen cabinet
From a mish-mash of stuff to paper products central!
27. Cart Magic
28. Carts under the counter now hold utensils, napkins, stirrers & coffee
The NEW Events Cart
29. A Newly-Reorganized Kitchen
Alexis adds clearly-labeled backup inventory above the cabinets and Theresa gives the results of their efforts an enthusiastic thumbs up.
30. Wish list. . .

  • Towel paper holder hung up near the sink. 31. A tool holder for broom & swifter 32. Two shelves installed above table holding microwave & toaster oven.

Wish list . . .

  • Supplies inventory created, checked & restocked weekly 33. Inventory & instructions for conf room equipment 34. All dishes cleaned and put away by the end of the day 35. Matching carafes & a real ice bucket for events 36. Mugs with individuals names on them 37. Bookends for the publications shelves

The closet is not empty yet, but . . . the dimensions are:
29 wide
24 deep

  • A shelving unit could hold marketing publications & bins with promotional items

Tom (in the manner of Charles Willson Peale) showing off redesigned S.P.A.C.E., 2007
38. Congratulations!
You achieved your mission to get more organized, BEFOREGet Organized Month!
Mission: Organization - Accomplished!